Leeder O. Phobes

Leeder O. Phobes

I don't think it right what you do because I been in a wheelchair for 5 years.


You sold out! I use to enjoy your humor now your making money off the misery of others... try living in a chair.

Mike Souza

I'm sorry buddy, but your comics suck. I really think it's mean of people to encourage you to continue making them. I feel you can take my advice seriously because I'm unbiased. Two words, sympathy applause. An idea for you: a disabled man gets pissed at jesus for allowing his mobility to be taken. The disabled man challenges jesus to a fight-till-the-death and loses.

Johnny “Legs” Walker

Your drawing suck, plus I am in a wheelchair and I found some of those afending.

John “J Dawg”

I really dislike your site because I am disabled. You are not. How would be able to know We go through. Just because you work with disabled people doesn't make you experts on us. I am a wheelchair user. I have CP, Do you know what that stands for. I bet not.

Geraldine “Gerri” Meadows

I saw your website last night, being a disABLED person myself, i was really liking it until i read that you're not a disABLED person... i'm not sure how i feel about a person without any disabilities making cartoons with disABLED characters...... is any of the money you're making from this going to any kind of charity for disABLED people? have you considered maybe having a disABLED person help you out with these comic strips also?


I can appreciate what you are trying to do, but as other people have commented I do find it inappropriate for you to make any comments about what it means to be disabled when you are not disabled yourself. To me, being disabled is the same as being a member of any other minority group. Would it be right for you to comment on what it is like to be gay when you are straight or being from an ethnic when you are white? You can never fully understand what it is like to be disabled unless you are or have been disabled.


Your website is awful. you are just taking the mick out of disabled people and it is a disgrace. i have a good mind to sue you!!!

Fred Smith

Ypu comics stink I hate them. You think we are jist product placement or some sick twisted way to make money off of the misery me and so many others go through.You should be ashamed of your self so should everyone elese who likes your comics. I hope you have to live in a wheelchair. Try spending your life in this sick twisted little chair.