Leeder’s Guestbook

Hi Leeder, I am an Integration Coordinator for the town of Ajax and my primary responsibility is to provide inclusive recreational opportunities for everyone. I am now designing some brochures and training manuals. I would like permission to use some of your inspirational cartoons to emphasize my points and increase the awareness of the community. My brochures must go to print by Nov 19th so any answer as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. I could include your web site on the brochure so that they can enjoy all of your work.

Kelly Gravelle

Love the humor, it's very good medicine!

Mike “wildcowboy37”

Hawkwood's tearing shit up.



Steve Doerr

My daughter Jessica is 14 and in a wheelchair from a car accident. She is a nationally ranked US Junior.

Phil Galli

Really enjoyed your cartoons :) I'm an Occupational Therapist looking for ideas on motivating my younger kids in wheelchairs. Maybe a peak at your website will help improve their morale :) Thanks!

Deb Dufour

Nice job!!!

Clint Cook

This is a great website. My daughter has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). She will never walk and I've been extremely devastated by the recent diagnosis. She will be 2 years old in July. This website actually made me smile. Thanks!

Ginger Akers

Your site is the most refreshing URL I've come across in a while. God bless and keep up the good work!

M. Lewis “Big Mike” Donmoyer

Well done. We don't have comic strips for the handicapped person in France yet. Handicap is still too sensitive to be talked about and generally hidden!


Leeder is as fun and inspiring as ever.

GOOD stuff"!

Rachel “Rae” Scmidtke

Hey guys, just popping in for a looksie @ the nu strips. Looking well good!! Anyways, carry on doing what u r and I'll talk 2 u soon.

Karen “Kaza” Meyrick

Hello from Istanbul. I am a wheelchair user for 14 years and I am 37 years old men. I am a reporter on tv in Istanbul Turkey. I am working reports with disabled peoples. I wanna meet you. What can we do together for disabled peoples all around the world. Love,

Erol “EROLSTAR” Calisir EC

Your cartoons are the greatest. A great asset to Wheel me on.

Alan “Al” Weinrib

Great Toons!

Arl “Choppy” Peletier

Getting used to being in a wheelchair fulltime wasn't the trauma I expected. My gait had gotten so poor it was a great relief not to struggle walking.

Richard Tanner

I appreciate good WC humor.

Marty Rowlands

Very cute cartoon.


I looked at your cartoons, subscribed, and think they are terrific. Never defy the power of the human spirit.

David R. Williamson

Liked browsing your very original cartoons and hope you do more in the future. Found you on the links at CSILC. How about more cartoons with girls/women. How about wheelchair surfing?

C. “Con Cotter” Arnold

A great positive attitude that helps in life. Thanks!

Beth “Beth” Dewing

Hewo. I love this site!


I'm a T-11/12 para and I would be deep into extreme wheelchair sports if I had the opportunity. Especially the downhill mountain chair. Unfortunately, chairs and accessories are by no means cheap. Not only that most of the individuals around here in wheelchairs are old, or don't do a darn thing. Well to the point of all this! I'm wanting to know if Sean Baum (the picture of the guy in the skateboard pit) has a web page, E-mail address, or some way of getting in contact with him. I've just recently stumbled across your site looking for handbikes and found the toons quite amusing. Will coming back daily from here out.

Jon Wages

I enjoy your cartoons"

Sylvia Gamino

Been kept down by MS since '93. Just acquired an old Wheelin' Designs off-road chair - my first. U crowd all seriously rock. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Barry “Gonzor the Ambivalent” Moores

Very Cool.

Bruce “Ruggleich” Cummings

This the first time I saw the cartoon and I thought some of them where quite funny.

Cindy “Butterfly”

My mom recently passed away after surviving MS for 30 years. Some times the 'chair' experiences were very much like your cartoons. Thanks for helping me laugh again.

Robert “Bob” Short

Had a run-in with polio in 1957. Polio won the battle, I'm winning the war.

Michael A. “Limpin' Lizard” Dean

Loved it!

Dragan “Mungos”

Excellent humor! If people can't take a joke, that's their problem!

Larry “speedlimitlarry” Gardner

I am an advisor for a Self-Advocacy Group in Louisiana. I showed them your cartoons and they loved them! Thanks for making us laugh!

Lynne “Misty Irish” Renihan

I was scanning the covers of my zine collection for the Skate and Annoy web site, one of them is Naughty Nomad. I decided to google the title to see what you were up to as well as to find out which issue I have (not numbered) and see how many you made when you stopped, started etc.


I like your character. I like any character who likes to take chances. Especially, one who likes to conquer stunts. So keep that dude jumping, hurdling, flipping, loopy looping, and so forth. Also, I plan on ordering that comic too. There's more daredevil in Leeder than there is in that Daredevil comic Marvel puts out. Why? Cause Leeder's raw.

Chris “Welshy” Welch

I really enjoyed your comics. I will share them with our recreation therapists-they will love them. And, yes, I'd like to see more.

Jennifer Sweeney

Really very funny, don't stop!! You're helping disable and not! Bye!

Claudio Frignani

Being disabled with ms this seems a great idea and I look forward to receiving your e-mails.

Colin “Unc” Macrae

Great fun.

Pat “Coker”

Great site, mostly true but very funny, You just have to laugh at this new life your thrown at but no way in hell will you survive' but you do, no big deal.

James “Jim” Miller

Great site, my wife is dizabled and we liked the photo of the guy doing the skateboard ramp!!

Jason “Rocko”

Great work. Keep it up and I find it fun and a great tool for people with disabilities about the reality of what we faced daily. I would love to use some of your comic strips as an educational tool.

Richard Gallo

Hi, I go by the name of Dreams and I am a paraplegic the anniversary to my accident is memorial day this year it will be 15teen years. Mother of 2 and trying to keep up with the world. I use to until 21/2 years ago when my ulcers were found out to be Crohn's disease. I have lost a lot of weight hard to eat in more pain than ever and have osteoporosis, arthritis, both rheumatoid and osteo OUCH!. But I have children to care for and there's a plan for my life and I love to talk to people and I and I am even more willing to listen instead of telling my story. Dreams... God Bless you all!!!!

Kathleen “Kate” Papas

I relate! Thanks for helping me remember that there is funny side to being in a wheelchair.

Steve “The Great Dane” Parkes

These cartoons were quite funny. It is great to see a disabled person not acting disabled! Great job!

Ed “Mr. Ed” McCarra

I love it! Finally good humor in great taste regarding disability. Thank you! I enjoyed it!

Jessica “Jessy” Hancock

Love the strip!!! I live right next to O.S.U hospitals and the independent living dorms for the disabled. I'm always telling them about the strip! I also write for the Ohio State Lantern. I write a strip titled "Fathertyme" which is is published weekly-for the last two years! Thanks again and good luck to you!

Antoine “Fathertyme” Perkins

Your site is so cool and funny. I told all my friends about this site.

Adrian “Smokey Bear”

Brilliant...! I love your artwork and I'll be adding a link on my website for others to share your talent.

Paul Simpson

Outrageous and hilarious.

Bob “Editor”

Thanks for the great strips. I enjoy placing them in my ADA presentations.

Marcela Rhoads

I think this site is fabulous!! I am a student and I need to do an inservice. I was looking for something a little different. I wanted a humorous approach to grab my listeners, but something that would hit home and get my message across. My topic is going to be humor and the patient. I think this stuff is great. I am going to be an Occupational Therapist and I feel it is vital to have an approach with patients that is light and effective, as so much is happening to them at the time of rehab. This stuff is exactly what I need. If you have any other material that references this topic or any other source that I can refer to - THAT WOULD BE EXTREMELY HELPFUL. My inservice is scheduled for 4/29/98, which is next Wednesday. THANKS for the humor and keep up the great work !!!!!!!!!!

M “Savy”

Keep on keepin' on!!!!!!! I have lived this disabled life for 21 years. You are A.B., yet you hit the nail directly on the head!!

Tim “Mosoto” Burton

I live in Scotland, near Edinburgh, and I am about to develop my helpline for children with a disability and their parents (called Signpost) from a part-time service at home to full-time service in an office (yippee!). We are looking for ways to decorate the office with images that will cheer people up, and maybe make them think a little, and your cartoons do both. May we reproduce some of them, with full credit and copyright info on them, of course? Please e-mail me and let me know if this is ok. By the way, I followed the link from "funny as a crutch" to find you. Thanks for your help, and keep 'em coming!

Lesley Mount

Still a great website...

Debbie J. “Wawa” Walters

As president of North Dakota Wheel Chair Association DBA Bismarck/Mandan Wheelers, we are always looking for new ways to encourage participation in our basketball and other activities. Do you have any successful ideas? We work out each Wednesday Evening at the Parks & Rec, I have offered to have a bus pick up and deliver, not much luck so far. The past 15 years have shown less participation each year. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Remy Stecher

Just amazing man, amazing. You make me laugh.

Stephanie Clements

Great cartoons! I'm not dizabled myself but I'm studying industrial design and I want to develop wheelchairs and other therapy stuff in the future. I skate though n I loved the ones on the half-pipes n on the pool. keep it up!

Carlos “Turtleboy” Perez

I love your stuff. The 26th National Veterans Wheelchair Games are in Anchorage Alaska next year. I would like to make a t-shirt with a bunch of guys in wheelchairs pulling a dog sled, with the dog riding in the sled. Can you draw something like that? I thing it would be very funny. Thanks!

Larry G. Binger

I love all the cartoons on here. AWESOME INDEED! *smilz*

Rosie “Sparkie”

Nice site dude. Keep up the good work.

Alam “Al” Khan

I'm a teacher and trying to put together a unit on respecting differences and anti-discrimination. the cartoons made me laugh and I hope my students find them funny as well.

Carol “Stanney” Thomson

I like these cartoons. It shows that an individual with a disability has the ability to laugh at one's self. Having a sense of humor has definitely helped me to deal with mine!!!

Gwen M. “Speedy” Squire

Your site is great! I've used a wheelie for 6 years now through having ME/CFS. Last week I went to a gig, wheeled myself to the front, asked some ABs if I could stand between them to use the security barrier to support my weight. Then I danced my arse off. Their faces! I haven't been out of bed since, but hell, it was worth it. Thanks for showing the reality, insanity, and fun of life for us disabled (tis the same in the UK). The strips have cheered me up while bed-bound. Keep it up : )

Janie “BedBlogger” P.

Great site, the cartoons are a refreshing sight from all the poorly designed ones out there. I'll ke ep you bookmarked for future reference and will put a link to you in my links section when it's next updated.

Simon Roulstone

I was introduced to your strip in a nursing class. You have a lot to teach us. Keep it up!

Patricia “Patty” Carey

Love it all!!! Keep the rubber side down. I drive a Moto Guzzi 1000 convert with a Jawa sidecar attached. The Kuschall is flipped upside down and bungeed to the luggage rack on the rear of the bike. What can you draw?

Vicki “Guzzi” Cassidy

These cartoons are great!

Peggy Abbot

As a founding member of a consumer-controlled, cross-disability resource center, I have always found humor my greatest asset when dealing with barriers. I am currently employed part-time as a Career Development Facilitator to assist persons with disabilities (PWD's) to navigate their career path. Many of my clients are interested in artistic pursuits and or computers so I will be using your website as an example of possibilities. I will certainly be telling all my friends to check out your awesome cartoons!

Jean Beckett

Love all humor even about us wheelies. Hate PC by people who don't know. Keep up the good work and never ever lose your sense of humor.

Bill “MrG” Gilhooley

I think this is a great site with hilarious cartoons. Check out rawfaith.org. It has the single most amazing story of a family that is sacrificing everything to build an accessible tall ship. Read the story and explore the ways you can help. Thanks.


I think that your comic strip is great! I'm a third-year law student who has hopes of representing individuals with disabilities when I graduate. Your comic book will be on the shelves of all of my mentors as soon as I get it.

Laura E. McNally

gr8 sight keep it going!!!!

Gerhard “Wiele” Wessels

It's nice to see a light-hearted site dedicated to the disabled community.

Brad Weichert

Very very good.


I didn't realize that you weren't disabled. You seem to be perceptive enough of what it's like to be disabled, though. This is way beyond the black and white issue... I find it truly amazing that people like yourself are willing to look at the positive side instead of conforming to what is grim and dismal. Thanks again.

Keith “Spike” Greenberg

We love your website and we think you will get a long way in the future.

Becky Moran and Emilie Ward “Bob and Em” Ward

Hey - top site - think it is excellent, funny how people think they should not laugh at disability issues!!! Keep going with the cartoons... I love them. Just fits with my sense of humor!!! Well, they always said that we must be mad to be wheelchair Bball players!!!!

Anna “Spanner” Jackson

Dear Friend, Thank you for your expression of support and concern for my family and me. We truly appreciate your thoughtful gift. It has been over three years since my accident, and the cards, letters, and mementos have greatly helped to lift our spirits and brighten our days. With the love and support of my family and friends, I feel stronger and healthier each day.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Paralysis Association (APA), I strive to heighten awareness of paralysis cure research. Through the critical research supported by APA, I and thousands of spinal cord injured individuals have even more hope that effective treatments and therapies for paralysis will someday soon become a reality.

Thank you again for taking the time to send me your warm wishes and your kind gift. Sincerely,

Christoper Reeve (Dictated)

This is an amazing site. I'm in a wheelchair since I'm 3 and now I'm 21 years old. It is a very hard thing to living. Sometimes I don't know how to keep living. Thank you very very very much for this web. I really needed this to smile. I'm crying now but I'm not shy, I feel that I'm not alone. Thank you :) PS: Sorry for my English, I don't speak it very well.

Daniela Tiranti

John, this is Janet Wilson from the University of Oklahoma. My students loved your work and we're going to do the course again this semester; one student questioned why you didn't call your cartoon character, Leeder... so as not to leave out women. Keep up the good work and we'll use your site again this semester.

Janet S. Wilson

These are great! I am with the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston. We are a non-profit, university-affiliated program that does policy work around disability and employment. I do quite a bit of training to agencies around universal design and disability etiquette.

Joy Gould

I loved this cartoon and the archive I glanced through. I am a part-time wheeler, and this is great. I am going to pass this site along to our listserv for our disease. They should also get a kick out of it.

Greg Singer

Cool 'toons! I use a chair (t-12 SCI), and I enjoy seeing the lighter side.

Chair Jon

Great work. I laugh at all the cartoons when I see them. Thanks for Leeder O. Men.

Becky Twigg

I can appreciate what you are trying to do, but as other people have commented I do find it inappropriate for you to make any comments about what it means to be disabled when you are not disabled yourself. To me, being disabled is the same as being a member of any other minority group. Would it be right for you to comment on what it is like to be gay when you are straight or being from an ethnic when you are white? You can never fully understand what it is like to be disabled unless you are or have been disabled.


Congratulations on your website. It was very interesting reading for me since my grandson (age 8) was born with spastic quadriplegia and is learning to drive a wheelchair.

Aelterman Andre R.M.

Well just did a search for my name LEEDER and came across your site. Seems quite a good place, not really sure what to make of it yet.

Matthew “Matty” Leeder

Your site kicks ass. Right up there with the likes of John Callahan. Keep up the good work

Clayton Lewis

Hello, i suffered a stroke and my left side is paralyzed, I think a site like this is great.

Doug Samson

I don't know what to do next. But I am amazed over all the possibilities.

Tor Rydningen

Hilarious! I referred your cartoons in my work website.

Wheelchair Warrior

Very cool!

Kathleen Olsen

I enjoy your website and cartoons.

Greg “SuperPara” Elliott

Great job. Keep up the great work.

Bob and Cassie Sternthall

I'm a 14-year-old para from Montreal, Canada, and I love your comic! I think it is great! Leeder is a lot like me in more than one way. You might think I am crazy, but I LOVE BEING IN A WHEELCHAIR!! There are so many cool things about them, especially the wheelies! I go to the skateboard park in my city and wheel around in it, the kids there who skateboard all act real funny when I go there, and I love that! They start to resent me once they see the stunts I do!! I would tell you what they are, but my mom might be reading :-) Once I fell out of my chair doing a stunt and broke my leg, but I keep it up anyways! I am like Leeder in the way that he doesn't put up with people who jerk him around cause he's in a chair. I am also like Leeder in the way that I don't let a few stairs get in my way, and in the way that I think I am just as good as anyone else. Why should a few stairs get in my way just cause I can't walk (especially if I just have to go down them!!)? Leeder is like a role model to me, keep up the great cartoons!!

Dean “The Crip” Morrow

Another wheelie.

Doug “Steelo” Steele

Just checked out the new strip. Hot stuff but waiting on punk show strip. We'll be playing on Halloween in the day time around 1 pm on Haley... the house has a big yellow horse in the front yard, Can't miss it.

Fred “Fig” Conrad

I recently stumbled upon your website, and I think what you're doing is brave and amazing. Thanks a lot, and take care,

Sacha Vais

My husband, Tim sent me your site address. Very funny stuff, I like it!

Belinda “Bel” Burton

I just found your site and enjoy your comics. The ones pertaining to inaccessibility and city hall are my favorite since this seems to be an ongoing battle in our little city in western Canada. Of course, the tennis comic I can personally relate to. ouch!

Cyndi “Cyndi Lou Who” K.

Hey, I just wanted to say that I've been in a wheelchair since I was 4 and its been almost 15 yrs now and with everything that is going on its nice to read something like ur comics to make me feel better about myself, especially on the days that I really hate what is going on in my life. I enjoy reading your comics. I can relate to a lot of them.

Amy Heerdt

I love the cartoons.

Richard “Woody” Wood

Great site :) I've been using a chair for a few years now, and it's great to see some humor connected to disabilities. Well done. I shall call back often.


As a representative of the Cerebral Palsy and Deaf Adults Organization, I came across your website and love it. I am a social worker by trade and have been an advocate all my life. This website is great and injects a balance of humor, thoughtfulness, and delight in the absurdity! Thanks for the strips. :-)

Charmaine “Char” Lydon

Hey, your strips are awesome!! Can't wait to read more!!

Angela “Damita” Alves

Cool site, great idea. The world can use a little more humor, especially in an area where most ambulatory folks are uncomfortable.

Kevin Kinney

Nice site, like the toons, they're great,

Bill Featherstone

Those were some pretty awesome comics! keep up the great work... I'll be check back soon for new ones!!


This is koooooooooool!

Dianna Stapleton

Hey. I followed a link for that kid Aaron here, and gotta say "good on ya mate" I have just started work on a purpose-built chair for BMX use... maybe I should call it WMX? Dunno... anyway I see the heart you have for folks in chairs, and just wanted to say COOL.


Amazing site! Keep on going, may God bless you! My mum also rides a wheelchair, but not the sport-oriented type, but a simple daily-use model. She says it's her bike, so I think she could participate in some race (despite her serious sickness). Sometimes she names her vehicle a car, and she laughs with her friends that it's the cheapest car in the world, due to no need for fuel!

Paul “Palo” Samowedziuk

Good, good sites!

Pasquale “Palomo” Lomuscio

I sure like these toons!

Charlie “Yankee” Weiss

Hilarious loved it all and man the sketch in the prison... they really need to come out with a chair that looks like that, that's slick-looking I like it! I'm a para and I thought these strips were really funny.

Lance “Dsouth” Leslie

I love what you have; I work at the LBMMC Peds Rehab Dept and we don't have anything cute to show young adults.

Maria “Cheryl” Soto

Keep up the great work. A day without laughter is not a day.

Martin “Kwad”

Great job! Keep up the good work. Here's something that really happened to me before I retired. Feel free to use it for a cartoon. This happened about 1979. I was doing industrial training for Tektronix inc. at the time. (I've been a paraplegic since 1958, age 17). I was returning from lunch with a friend, Gary, who is a little outspoken, when we found my reserved handicap space occupied. I Parked in an unoccupied space nearby and was wheeling into the building when the owner of the illegally parked car came out. He looked at me and said, I took your parking space didn't I?". Before I could say anything, Gary said, "That's alright, illiteracy is a handicap..." The guy never said another word. Just got to heck out of there.

Steve Gentis

I like your website. I will come again sometime.

I Nyoman “Kedul” Agus

Hey, this is extremely good. I just went thru ur site and its amazing. It's a great thing to think about the disabled not being one of them and at the same time helping them laugh at the moment. Though I'm not one disabled in any way myself I really appreciate the idea and as far as they love it and enjoy it nothing could be better could it! Good luck!

Porus “Po” Vimadalal


Charles “Charlie” Boone

Please publicize our ongoing, nationwide, research for children ages 2-18 with moderate to severe CP. 1-888-4CP-GROW. Thank you!

Vivienne “Viv” Spauls

I am so pleased to find this website and this comic strip for the disabled. I have cerebral palsy and am developing arthritis, so it's wonderful to find a sense of community with others like myself.

Patsy “Pats” Nevins

Hello, I just looked on the internet. I have to say, I love it. I'd enjoyed the Strips and the Do-the-right-things. I come from Germany, and I didn't saw any German site like this. But anyway, now I'll check this once in a while.

Dennis Meier

Great site, keep them coming!

Bill Wayne

My friend is on a wildchair. I know you've heard such tragedies many times but she (and all her family)is in a real bad
situation and I want somebody to talk to her, to say that everything is going to be o.k.


I really enjoyed this site!!! Looking forward to seeing more.

Laura Smith

These are soo cute! I'm sending them to my whole team.

Shawna “Bud”

What a great idea. I am setting up Links for kids with disabilities and would love to have a kids book.

Denise “Alexander” Heitler

I am a moderator for an all women's disability group, dealing with self-image and sexuality. I was searching for any kind of information that would help all my members, including myself, with feeling better about ourselves, and our sexualities, even though we are disabled.
I came across your site, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the pictures and was delightfully amused by them.

The section on "Able-Bodied" is such a wonderful guide for those who are able-bodied, to help them understand a lot better how to "cope' with the "disabled".

Thank you for making my visit to your site so worthwhile.

Dorothy Keller

Just to let you know, I'm a 46-year old female diabetic, back in April of 1995 lost a leg from vascular complications (right) "aka"), I'm now in a wheelchair and rely on wheelchair vans to get to my doctor, my left leg is 100% blocked from any blood flow and they (Dr's) are waiting to amputate that too! I had just received my T-Shirt and the Leeder comic books today, had to show my visiting nurse, We both loved them, hope you publish more! ...How about a coffee mug with "Leeder" on it?

Tammy Elizabeth Foss

I was looking for a wheelchair lift that didn't cost my grandma her arms as well as her legs when I found this site. I know my grandma would get a kick out of this site. If you can help us find a place to buy cheap chairlifts, please post mention on your site. Thanks and keep drawing.

Justin Michael

I liked the cartoon as someone who is looking at a wheel chair in her future I appreciate the smile.

Pati “Red Eagle” Redeagle

I think you coo...l bye.

Haley Comet and Halestone

Thanks for the laughs! Keep on rollin.

Mark “utmarkroy” Tolliver

I had some great fun here! I hope you don't mind (if so tell me please) but I've taken a few of your cartoons and put them at my site (at the R(l)olstoel humor = Wheelchairfun section) of course with the credits you deserve and with a link to your website. I hope you'll keep making lots and lots more of these great cartoons. Greetings from the Netherlands

Anita “Blixi” Groot

Being a disabled MSer (that's multiple sclerosis, not MicroSoft....think multiple sclerosis isn't as bad!) It's nice to see the lighter side of disabilities.

Stormy Kepatt

The comic looks very cool!

Vicky Patrick

These cartoons are great!

Peggy Abbott

I am an art teacher who has been an admirer of your dizABLED strip for a long time. Last year, I decided to share your work with my sixth-grade students. After we viewed and discussed some of your work, students made their own comic strips intended to address stereotypes about disability.

I wrote about this project in an article for Art Education, the journal of the National Art Education Association. This journal has a circulation of over 20,000 art teachers in the U.S. The article will be published in an upcoming issue this summer.

Caitlin Seidler

I really find the humor interesting. I incorporated your works as well as the link on my homepage.

Shayne “Capt. Cursor” Marlatt

I really liked it. I could always use a laugh.

Kevin “Kevkaos” Knox

I liked your cartoon concerning changing a $500 bike into a $3000 wheelchair. My bike was only $400 but my wheelchair is going to be $2700.00. Thanks for the all too accurate laugh.


I can really identify with humor in your comics being that I'm in a wheelchair too.

Shayne “Capt. Cursor” Marlatt

Thanks for the great site and humor!

Larry Gardner

Nice cartoons.

Kristina “Tina”

I have enjoyed your website and your cartoons are great. I am a parent of a little girl with a disability. I also am a Wish Coordinator working to "recover" the simple wishes in life for children with developmental disabilities.

Elaine Tillman

Hey! I came across your site and it's really good!

Claire Emba

You shouldn't stare at these people cause they aren't different, they just can't walk. Even if they don't have legs, you shouldn't stare at them.

Emily “Em” Blue

Leeder for prime minister!! Just like to say thanx for the enjoyment I've had reading the cartoons. We could do with Leeder in the UK press. Let's face it nobody laughs at us more than we do at ourselves, it's better than being a misery gut. Take care over there.

Anthony “Ironsides” Russell

Mr. Lytle, Hi, my name is Bryan Pratt, and I'm the editor-in-chief of this year's "Sigma Signs", an annual University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign magazine written by Delta Sigma Omicron (the university's disabled student organization) and the Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services. I was wondering if you would grant permission for me to use some of your Leeder O. Men comic strips in my magazine. Sigma Signs is basically an annual magazine written by some students and faculty at the University of Illinois. The magazine mainly discusses DSO's events, wheelchair athletics, and disability issues. This year's theme of the magazine will be "Expectations of the Future-Removing Architectural, Educational, and Attitudinal Barriers". I would like to include your comics to add humor to the magazine. What I really would like is a comic that somehow is related to the theme. Any more questions? Please let me know. Thank

Bryan Pratt

Very cool, I like it a lot, many remind me of similar situations I've been in with my own wheels, like down 18 steps at a museum where they had a ramp IN but none going OUT, and the crowd inside was huge and thick, no way to get back through.

Nick Zirpolo

All I have to say is... Keep it up! I love 'em! Do you (or would you be willing to) sell wall-sized (24"x 36" or so) prints of your work?

Chris “The Wheeled Warrior” Miller

I stumbled on to your site and cracked up ;-) Thanks and keep up your great work - your comics make life easier.

Andy Kuiper

I just discovered this site and I luv it!! I need an animation to make a signature out of it for my emails but this was fun. Keep it up! We need to laugh at ourselves.

Jane “Tiny” Gijzen

Great cartoons mate, keep them coming.

Andy “Moose”

Excellent work. This field could use more humor.

Warren Ashworth

Great cartoons. Keep up great work.

Jenny “Jen”

Your cartoons are great!! I loved them...as a wheelchair user myself I found a lot of the humor in the cartoons...keep the cartoons coming!!

Lucia “Lucy” Rios

This is Great!!! Thanks, I've had Fibromyalgia for 17 years, and am now using a wheelchair to get around. It has reopened my life!! You have made it more lively!

Debby “Dusty” Ray

Great page. I'm new with pc, but I really enjoy your page. Keep up the good work.

Guillermo “Bill” Erlam

I am a physically disabled lady staying in Kenya. I would like to communicate with fellow disabled persons across the world.

Coldjoom Miuk

Looks good, open-hearted, makes the diz seem to be on the inside track.

Jeff “Bapa” Croteau

I run a non-profit society called Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods. I am trying to improve access in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows in British Columbia, Canada. I am also trying to improve access to information for people with disabilities, and am using my society to promote adaptive sports. Keep up the great work!

Heather McCain

Funny pictures for a wheelman from France who recognized himself in it. Good luck!

Francois “Phrensoa”

Just loved your imagination and spirit.

Nuno Andre dos Santos Oliveira

The toons are great! You've captured so many situations and things, that we meet every day, and that most people never even think about. A great way to hopefully create a little awareness.

Maria Thatsme

I think you have some good reminders for people who don't have a handicap. You put it in a funny cartoon. We need more laughs, Thanks.

Beverly “Bev” Manwell

John, I love the comics! I would love to use Leeder in my organization's newsletter (South Plains Rehab Association, Lubbock, TX).

Jamie Herring

G'day from a disabled Australian with paraplegia. I think your cartoons are fantastic. Some of the humor is sick but then again isn't that the reason we are disabled. Thank you for the laugh. Cheers, Steve

Steve Petrolati

Cool site, Thanks for some funny shit Leeder. I'm in a chair and wanna be just like Leeder. Ha.

Tulley “Tudman” Nelson

Great cartoons!!!!! I'm a Brazilian wheelchair user and I've never seen anything like this site! Congratulations!

Felipe Leite

FANTASTIC! What more can I say than what my Grandfather said to me on his deathbed? If you ever lose your sense of humor, you might as well be where I am going soon!

John “Hank” Wyllie

I enjoyed your website.

BJ Green

Great toons. I'm a Quickie rep in Canada. Loved the humor. Thanks.


Very funny stuff.

Cliff “Big'n” Akin

This IS normal for me!!! The rest of the world is weird and takes themselves much too seriously. Don't ya think??

J.T. “Woody” Woodward

I have been disabled for 50 years now. every night I read your website. I mean how do you come up with those comics. I always like a good joke in the morning to get me started.

Joker J. “jokerj10” 10

Yo man. These are great, u need to make more... I've read every one way, way too many times. Those Leeder O. Phobes need to lighten up. On top o that, f they wanna say something is offending they should know how to spell offending.

Doug “Half Pint”


Ken “Kenan”

Your cartoons are truly inspiring and i have been a keen follower for a number of years now.

Robert Schneider

To be summed up in one word, these comics are AMAZING! I am not disABLED, but I am sure that people who live lives in wheelchairs appreciate these comics as much as I do, and probably more. Keep up the awesome stuff!

Fraser “Da Fraze” Bowers

Cool stuff.

Phil “Torch” Bowers

Great cartoons, some are too close for comfort.


Hi. I am a new wheelchair user and I look cost and I look nice girl with sensitive that's ok I guess. I will really happy meet to people ok I accept my English poor but true anyway. I am waiting for your mail see you and take care :-).


A million thank you's for doing the tennis strip!! I told my pal that I had suggested to you about doing a tennis strip quite a while ago, and when I showed it to him, I told him that you had done that strip just for him, he was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. It tickled me that it made him SOOOO happy... You're the BEST... Keep up the GREAT work kiddo. This world needs all the humor it can get !!!!

Trudy “Troodles” Castrogiovanni

I laughed really hard when I read the comics. cause I was in a wheelchair skating and some of them rung true. I've been skating for 20 years and change last 7 in a wheelchair though actively for the last 4 years. you know that depression thing got in the way for a few weeks had to take a break ;) ;) anyways i hope the comic inspire kids and new injuries. www.wheelchairskater.com that's my attempt to inspire.

Scott Horton

It shows the real side of wheelchairs.

Harry “Haz”

There are now A LOT of kids/teens at Blythedale Children's Hospital who are hooked on your toons! They think it is the coooooolest site!!! Thanks!!! It really makes a difference! Have U animated any of your pics? They're just begging for it! The handrail one would be especially cool to animate! Thanks again!

Karen Van Den Heuvel

I am a disability activist. While searching the web for sites pertaining to disabilities I came across your site and was impressed with your resourceful, caring and informative site.

Lynda Appell

I am immensely interested in your cartoons. There are so many people (myself included) whom I sure appreciate the wonderful job you are doing. Sincerely,

Laurence N. Kaldor

Hi, loved the cartoons... first time I've ever seen anything like it! Great work. Do you mind if I link to your site from Cafe Connect?

Jim Byrne

Nice work.

Jerry Sangiamo

I teach future teachers in a course called "Teaching Diverse Populations." One of the populations we look at is physically disabled students. Our focus is always on the ability not the disability. I'm sure your comics will help get the point across to my students. Celebrate Diversity! It's very nice to see such a nice cartoon. I'm a student at a technical university in Kosice(Slovakia-Europe), Biomedical engineering. Your cartoon is here at our school.

Ivan “Ivo” Ferko

Great idea love the cartoons. My site is much more on the serious side. Mostly looking at issues that face the country.

Daniel D. “Dangerous Dan” Walter

Your comic looks great! I can't wait to see more of it. The site looks very professional too.

Greg Tuft

So very rad dude, some serious stuff in it. Totally made fall out of my studmaster chair dude.

Mark “Huffy” Huthwaite

I just wanted to let you know that I love this site. A friend of mine loves wheelchair freestylin' and I was just looking stuff up on the web. He loved this site. I hope that you continue your strips because its a really great thing. :-)

Emily “Emmygail”

Cool! I'm a PPS survivor; these cartoons hit home *all* too well.

Samanda “Sam” Jeude

Love the cartoons. Some people, including my doctors, look very uncomfortable when I make jokes about being in a wheelchair.

Jo Ann “Jo”

Wassssuppp? remember me? The guy who fractured himself out of skateboarding? you might have disappeared prior to that but maybe you heard the horror story about Bryce's ramp. I don't know why the hell I thought of you but I did - saw most of the bruthas at Bryce's wedding last year. half are fat and half don't drink anymore. I'm neither. I was looking at some old pics and took two minutes with google to find this. I still have some of your original comics from the '87 era. what are you up to?

Noel “noelmurphy@comcast.net” Murphy

Love your stuff!

John “CutterJohn”

Wonderful! I love the parking spot compromise.

Laurie “RatGirl”

Hey, my name's Clare and I'm 17. I came across you and your website by random searches in yahoo search engine. I am a paraplegic in a wheelchair and think what ur doing is great! it's a great way to promote people in disabilities. I am a bit of a risk-taker myself. I will try everything once. I've been scuba diving, rock climbing, jet skiing, water skiing, motorbiking and heaps more. I am a swimmer and am apart of the Australian paralympic merging squad. keep up the great work! by the way, is there anywhere in Australia I can get ur books?


This site is awesome. I was just recently injured in a car wreck and this really ups my spirits.

Ryan “Hell On Wheels ” Everhart



Excellent cartoons... excellent quality, Thanks for the big laughs.


Rock on.

Joe “Colock” David Collins Foley

I love your web page. It's one of the best I have seen on the net.


Very good.

Phillip Howell

Brilliant cartoons!! I'll be e-mailing it to all my disabled friends!


I found your site very interesting and informative. I am the administrator of one society for the disabled in Malaysia and would like to learn more about the activities of the disAbled young adults that are affiliated with you; their activities and possible suggestion on what we can, as a society, do for our own residents in the center where I am working in. Thank you and regards.

Mary Ann Q. Hee

Hi, I was directed to your site as part of my nursing class and would like to put my 2 cents in. Your site is great, mucho kudos! I think people's reactions are based on where they are with their own thoughts and experiences. Folks need to remember that is OK to laugh WITH someone but not AT them. I think much of the awkwardness involving "non-disabled" folks and disabled folks is that the "non-disabled" folks are uninformed about the situation. They usually "want to help" but may well come off looking quite stupid... So, here's to more informed and less stupid!! Thanks.

John Lang

I liked your cartoon by John Lytle... interesting.

P. “Slug” Sharrod

Not disabled, but saw your comic on my friends web page. Enjoyed very much.

Quips From The Crips

I love your cartoons and I hope that you get syndicated in some big newspapers across the USA. There terrific and I will keep checking in. I'm in a chair myself and I have two other friends who live here where I do that I'm going to share your cartoons and your wonderful story. They're in chairs also, so I know they will get a big kick out of it. We live in a HUD housing and we have a lot of older residents that give us a bad time about our wheelchairs because they're electric, so I will post your cartoons on our bulletin board, and poke a little fun at them! haha!


Totally great! Love the cartoons, attitude, thumb in the nose. How 'bout some cartoons about other disabilities too?

Jenni “Jendle” Mechem

Keep it up.

John Brady

Funny sh*t! Keep it up.


Thanks for sharing your humor!

Leye “Bruiser” Sascha Fee

Hi John, I think we were once pen-pals, trading skate zines. Mine was called Killer Dork Sessions. I moved to San Francisco a few years after that, and ever since I have been friends with someone who I think is a mutual friend, Fred/Fernando. Great web site. I am semi-disabled, and professionally I am a "health care quality analyst" for a big blue-colored HMO. Here's my web site:

Vince Ropko

I'm in a wheelchair, and I love your sense of humor. It's good not being the only one who can joke about it and have fun, so keep up the great work. As you know when I wrote to you before, I didn't know you weren't handicapped or in a wheelchair BUT the best part is you make up great comics and most likely make a lot of people laugh so I don't know why a lot of people are crying about your work I think they are great. Plus you have a good sense of humor and it keeps other people in their chair laughing and can give them so ideas by getting out of the house and doing thing and trying to get a life. So don't listen to the cry babies and keep doing your job. Good luck with future success and keep making people laugh. Thanks for the laughs

Jeff Mattingly

I have been in a chair for 8 yrs. and have never heard of anyone making some fun out of our conditions. I think it is absolutely terrific. I haven't been able to see your cartoons yet but I do look forward to it. Able-Bodied? Folks always seem to get so flustered when they find out you're in a chair. I always try to joke about it but it seems to fluster them more. One of my favorite saying, when someone invites me somewhere, is not to worry about seating, I'll bring my own chair. I usually get nervous laughter or something like oh yes I'll make sure a chair is removed for you. It's great to hear that we can have some fun too. Thank You,

Frances “Fran” Stone

Okay, this is a Great site, but may I suggest something? Not everybody with a spinal cord injury uses a wheelchair, some of us use forearm crutches ext to get around and we run into problems with people like the people who use wheelchairs. For example, I use a cart when I shop and place my crutches in the cart when I take my purchases out and put them in my vehicle sometimes they will get the cart from me (because there out there collecting carts) but they alway's want to yank the cart away before I have my crutches back on. And there are other challenges as well, like people talking to me I get tired standing when I have to stand for a long period of time.

Chris Giovanni

Hey there,

I am in Washington DC interning at the National Organization on Disability for a couple of months and don't really know how I came across your strip...could have been surfing the web, from an email, a listserv, or some article I've read, too much disability info crosses my path for me to remember where it all comes from.

Anyway, I just took the time to browse your site a bit and saw that you started out at SBCC. I am a student at UCSB where I co-chair the commission on disability access, as well as sit on the ADA advisory group for the school. I am involved in quite a few other aspects of disability, including direct services probably similar to what you were doing while at SBCC. Also not having a disability myself (i am assuming that you don't have a disability, I apologize if I am wrong), I find your "Phobes" section particularly interesting, but I like the reader's section much better.

I was actually wondering if you are still in SB, or anywhere nearby. Maybe we could partner up and do something to showcase your strip while highlighting disability awareness...or something of the sort. If nothing else, I'd love to learn a bit more about where you are today with it. Did somebody buy your strip? Is it just on your website and in your books? What do you send out on your mailing list? Etc... Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing back from you.


Did you go by the pseudonym Jahwn Dettman back in the old days? I exchanged 'zines back in the '80s. Bodyslam for Naughty Nomads. What's up? I have been doing a regular skateboarding comic. http://www.antigravitypress.com. Have you seen it? It also runs on Skate and Annoy. I was checking out the blog and thought I'd say hello. Amazing to see that kid rocking the wheelchair for real.

Mark “MC” Conahan

Excellent Site!! I'm fortunate that other people who are disabled, like me, glamorize their uniqueness instead of feeling ashamed about it!!

Keith “Spike” Greenberg

I found your site very entertaining. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant that is going to start up a wheelchair tennis program. I would like any help that can be given. Thanx and keep on rolling!

Tom Galle

I think your cartoons are totally awesome. I am not disabled, but I have several friends who are, and I tune in every Wednesday for the new "toon". Keep up the great work. I've bookmarked you!

Trudy “Troodles” Castrogiovanni

The first time I saw a cartoon featuring a disabled person was back in the 60s in the National Lampoon. It featured a French restaurant serving frog legs. There was a line of frogs coming out of the kitchen legless and in wheelchairs.

Bill Franklin & Brian Mac Dougall

Good strips, like the idea.

Adam Pulfer

You're an inspiration. Keep doing what your doing. Hope to cross paths on the hill at some point.

Brian “BC” Chaffin

Your website is awful. you are just taking the mick out of disabled people and it is a disgrace. i have a good mind to sue you!!!

Fred Smith

You are great!

Vladimir Cuk

Liked the "toon". I've just begun learning to live with my disABILITIES, so everything is new to me.

Lynn Kinder


Liz Olsen

Keep those advocating laughs coming.

Robert Milan

Your drawing suck, plus I am in a wheelchair and I found some of those afending.

John “J Dawg”

Found your site by taking a link at ILUSA.COM - a very cool site!!!!

Jacksonville Area CIL

Dear John, I was and am most impressed by Leeder O. Men. Wish we could see those "comics" in the paper instead of the less than quality stuff we're getting. I do want you to know that I support what I can get from your site. Regards,


Glad to have found you!

Margaret Deavours

Like to no more about this. Just found on the internet.


Thanks for the book. My 17-year-old wheelchair maniac, Katie, loves it. Trouble is that she's already a maniac on wheels and she's getting ideas on more wacky stunts to pull.


Love your toons!

Yochana “Yobee” Coleman

This is a great site, I hope everyone likes it also.


I was surfing the net and came across your site. It sure is funny. I just wanted all the offroad wheelchair racers to remember who the champ is and I wanted to tell them to get prepared for chairx 2000...other than all that good work.

Trevor “Trevair” Snowden

I love your site! Humor is a very good thing! *grin*

Dana Marshall

Wonderful to see a disability site that's not all doom and gloom. Kudos to you!

Carol Bobb

I like your page. You are made of the real stuff!

Robert Gage

Good, good site! I have a cartoon site. If I can help you, just tell me!

Pasquale Lomuscio

Love your stuff.

Doug “Duke” Williams


William Fisher

I like to laugh about me so this site quite good, don't stop with such things.

Stern “Rock'n Roll Pussy” Philip

What is the karmic connection that has placed you as a light-hearted voice championing the cause of the dizABLED? Is this a past life thing? All the best to you!

Allen Whitman

What a joy. I do a fair amount of disability civil rights training, technical assistance and expert witness services - often these can be tense. Thank you for the laugh. NOTE: If I wanted to include one of these cartoons in a training manual, how do I meet your needs for use (what does it cost) and how can I get general information out to the civil rights folks about this site so they can contact you if they wish to use your drawings. Keep up the good work.

Robert “Bob” Ardinger

Forgive my English, I'm from Poland and I didn't speak since I've been in the States. But Your website is really great. I wish I could make something like this in Poland, I think people need this - especially all my disabled friends. They don't believe in themselves.

Justyna “Zetka”

Great site. I'm glad I happened upon your site.

Tracy “TB” Bauknecht

Love "able-bodied?" We have just begun an organization called the "Link n Friends". Organized by and for adults with physical disabilities. Our purpose is to end the isolation and discrimination of adults with physical disabilities (limited physical abilities). Our Motto is "yes we can", and so far, we have!

Diane “D” Longwill

Hey, these were really cool. It's so great to be able to see the funny side of it. Love the adventure that comes every day from being in a wheelchair!!!

Jene “TWA (Trolley With Attitude)” Frost

Caught your speech today at the A.P.E conference. Just wanted to thank you. I left feeling very inspired to not only do the best I can with my job but also in just enjoying life! Made me want to go home and hug my wife and kids! Keep up the good work!

Ken Niles

I think these cartoons are awsome, there are a lot of funny ones, none of them are bad.

Eddie Richards

I am the single mother of a son with Spina Bifida who will be 15 in August. I think what you have created is wonderful. I have read what some of the other people who complain about you say and they are wrong! What you are doing is great! I may not be in a wheelchair but I live it every day and I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I just hope Jason will learn to "boldly roll where no man has rolled before.

Terrie “concrete_baby” Fischer

Brilliant site. Have just finished doing a UK Humour Course and we may do cartoon next year and I didn't have the courage to think about doing cartoon on disability until I saw this site.

Jacky “Sanferryann”

Hello! What a great site! I am a registered nurse working for a company which is focusing on recruiting "dizabled" men and women, amongst other recruitment strategies. I came across your site and I LOVE the comics!! Thanks for the lighthearted angle on disability! There is so much out there that makes one sigh, and yours made me laugh several times! Kudos to you!

Patricia Chambers

Very Cool Site! I love the cartoons!

Shelly Woods

I found you searching for disability and humor. I collect disability-related jokes. You're a find. I love your work. I use the jokes for teaching so I need bad ones too. forward any you have, hard to find new material. searches are sort of random.

Robin “Robi” Smith

Hey man, u got a sweet site here. I'm a quad in an electric wheelchair and ur cartoons are pretty damn funny

Josh “The Boccia King” Vander Vies

Cool. Gotta love Leeder's love of life!

Chaos Boy

Nice site! Thanks for specializing in real life.

Lytha Belrose

I really dislike your site because I am disabled. You are not. How would be able to know We go through. Just because you work with disabled people doesn't make you experts on us. I am a wheelchair user. I have CP, Do you know what that stands for. I bet not.

Geraldine “Gerri” Meadows

GREAT JOB! I work with Developmentally Disabled individuals in Louisiana, specifically, people who have been in Developmental Centers for most of their lives due to lack of choice in past years, and are now getting into independent living (w/ supports). Too many people down here see disabled individuals as "damaged" and sometimes almost "subhuman" (most of the MD's I deal with in advocating for people ASSUME that all Dev. Disabled people are incapable of handling their own affairs, and that the parents, family or Service Provider are legally responsible for them - NOT TRUE)I find Leeder to be an example of independence and of a good healthy "Can-Do" attitude, which I find very empowering. Know that I'm telling everyone I know about this website.

Carol “SimplyMeCMT”

T-8 para from Santa Cruz, love to get rad. Ski Skate Fly.

Jimi “Dr. Z” Z.

I enjoyed some and did not catch some, but overall I really liked the idea that someone cares enough to even make a cartoon for the disabled to relate. I also work with disabled children and adults not being one like yourself I can appreciate what you are doing. I would like to put a strip in our newsletter which is printed on a quarterly basis, so four per year. Please let me know what I have to do to get your permission to do so.

Delores “Dee” Houston

Hey, great stuff... just what we all need. I made a student Academy Award-winning film called "Walk This Way" about my plane crash and adjustment to life in a wheelchair and it's in the same spirit of your comics. Check out my site, and I'd like to share my film with you.

Chris Sheridan

Cool site, made me smile. Thanks!


Hi John, my name is Lee Gordon. I am a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. I use a power wheelchair, and I enjoy your comic strip. Keep up the good humor side of life with a disability.

Lee Gordon

You ROCK!!! My son (9) has spina bifida and is an aspiring wheelchair racer and athlete (field, swimming, etc.). Your comics gave me a HUGE laugh! Keep 'em coming!

Lesli “MadMumblerMommy” Richardson

I'm a dressage rider and physiotherapist from Hungary. I teach dressage riding for the disabled. My English is weak, my german is a small better. I such disabled riders all around the world. Ich muss neuen ideen bekommen, weil ich noch wenige erfahrung habe. When you are a disabled rider, Thank you in advance birdy from Hungary I'm sorry, I must make a German-English mix.

Bernadett “Birdy” Andics

I am the founder of "On The Move", a not for profit social and support group that assists the spinal cord injury patients. Anything that will bring some humor and some laughter will be worth the price.

John “Johnnyboy” Cortez, Jr.

Hi! I received your web address via email and decided to check it out. They are great! I work at an ILC in Missouri, and volunteer with the St. Louis Wheelchair Athletic Association.

Tami “Amazon” Martin

Glad to have u back, love the strip. Reminds us all to go n try something new now n then. If it makes someone laff or smile then we are not invisible anymore.

Anthony “Ironsides” Russell



John, I would like to see more. I use a power chair (with the emphasis on 'Power'). A guy has to have a sense of humor.

Eric Olsen

Great toons... I am a teacher and I think these are great to encourage some kids not to feel left out. I am doing a project in college and would like to request some materials to use in it if you could help... Thanks.

Steve Ervin

I think your comic strip fits in well with progressive-minded PWD's. It's not just straight humor-a little bit off the wall yet still quite entertaining! Keep up the good work!

Thomas Egan

I think what your doing is great and maybe we can do some networking check out our website at brokenwinggz.com

Eric “E” Wilkins

Love your site... I figure if I have to be in a chair and not on a motorcycle then at least I'm gonna try for a trike! Love and Peace to all...

Rob “Midnight Cat”


Matt “Pumba” D.

Those strips were great. Send me more! I'm in a scooter!

William “Bill” Klauke

Kewl : ) I just adore those toons. More people should read this stuff. That's why I linked to your site. I don't want to miss anything!!!

Michael “Pegglegg” Van Randen

I really like your comic. It has a clever wit that is combined well with the social commentary. An area of improvement could be more issue-based focus in the social commentary Like _________City has less than five ADA compliant structures. Make that city your whipping boy.

Rorschach Jones

OK. I now have a hero Leeder O. Men (and women, too. How 'bout just Leeder O. All?) I do a lot of training in the community as part of our state's UAP training team and I now include one of your cartoons in all the training packets. Thanks for reminding people what it's really all about finding a way to enjoy this cool planet. Just do what you do. You are great.

Helen Panzironi

As a person with a disability that has gotten elected to public office (city council/Desert Hot Springs, CA) I really love your material. I wish more people understood the importance of using humor to challenge old stereotypes.

Gary Bosworth

I am a Special Ed major at Indiana University. I am working on a huge speech about inclusive vs. separate classroom setting. I found your website and I really enjoyed looking through each and every page, joke, link-everything! Keep up the hard work.

Jennifer “Jen” Dewier

WOW, This is a great site, the comic books look good. I'll be ordering a t-shirt soon & I'll also love ordering comic books too, soon.

Philip McCoy

Great site! Reached it while looking for resources that I need to add to our newsletter. I work under a grant for the Wisconsin CESA's #9, #10, #11, & #12. Parent Educator Connection serves Parents and Educators from schools in all of Northern Wisconsin. CESA or Cooperative Educational Service Agency provides services that the grant can support.

Mary “Skittles” Skadahl

Cool! It's good to see someone have a sense of humor about wheelchairs!

Lisa & Ed

Ah ... nice! I think it 's good there 's some fun for persons with disabilities, their life is hard enough. But, most of them don't want others to feel sorry for them. All the best,

Emile de Coningh

Just thought I would say how fantastic I think this site is. My Aunt has been in a wheelchair for the past 10 years and often got down about it. I will certainly tell her to look at this site - I will definitely bring a huge smile to her face. We need more sites like this! Keep up the good work!

Sue “ZoozZoo” Beckwith

This was wonderful. An educational experience for me. I recently became a friend with a wheelchair-bound young man and he invited me to become the coeditor of a Newsletter he took over: The SCI (spinal cord injury)Group Scoop. I'm getting what I prayed for-spiritual growth. Thank you to both you and my friend Chris.

Patrice “Pat” Burke

Just wanted you to see how excited we are to be able to feature Leeder O. Men for our I-Can Online community members. Right now we are advertising the comic on our front page.

Bethany Broadwell

I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed just over a year ago. Some days I felt like it wasn't worth the effort to get out of bed. Little things were such a struggle, and the attitudes of the people around me really brought me down. I stumbled across your site not too long ago, and I have to tell you that it has completely lifted my spirits. I've finally learned that it's okay to laugh at myself. More than that, it feels good. Your comics were just what I needed. Thank you.


I find great humor in your cartoons and think you're doing a great job!

Shayne “CaptCursor” Marlatt

Nice site!

Rianne “Alover” Van der Waal

Outstanding! They ought to make some of this stuff. Rock on and Roll!

Kay “KZ” Haldeman

THANK YOU for your AMAZING WEBSITE and cartoons. I had a severe stroke in December 1998, and it left me paraplegic. I had to relearn everything, and really resented it, because I was always very independent, and HATE asking for help. I had to relearn everything, including how to feel and laugh. I live in Great Britain, and came across your website via the BBC's disability magazine, Ouch. I am VERY glad I did because I have found your cartoons HILARIOUS. Leeper is so positive that I find it difficult not to feel very positive, and he makes my worries seem silly and puts them in perspective. I shall be adding your website to my list of favorites!
Thanks again.

Barbi “Whizz” Lucas

Thanks for the much-needed humor. I am sharing your humor with my fellow housemates, inmates, aka nursing home buddies.


This is a great sight! If you would like me to link you to my sight, just let me know... Continued good luck to you.

Rick “Spoker” Foster

Thnx for the strips ; )

D. Butt

I love your website! It makes you stop and think about some things in today's society about disabilities.


Thanks mate for a great read, us wheelies need a good laugh every now and then. Keep up the great work.

Greg “Wheelie”

I am the editor (journalist on a wheelchair too...) of the first Italian nonprofit website dedicated to the new culture of disability. The magazine will be online in a couple of weeks, before the end of January. I would like to use and translate the texts of your cartoons because they are really nice and positive. Can I do, with your free permission? I hope so, and I wait for your answer. Anyway, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me and my colleagues, all young Italian journalists. Happy new year to you from Italy.

Franco Bomprezzi

This kicks chestnuts!!!


Great site...

Kirt Toombs

Your cartoons are great.

Elane “elanes1” Williams

I love your comics. not many people have the guts to publish handicap jokes. I make fun of myself being in a wheelchair all the time. when my friends and I Joke around fighting and stuff I always at the end look them straight in the eye and say don't make me stand up. that always made them laugh. I've been in a chair my whole life and I love it. It never slowed me down. keep up the comic strips.

Michael Bigger

I loved it, keep up the great work, looking forward to returning.


I am so happy having gone through your website. All I can say is I love it. I work for the Kenyan Paraplegic Organization in Kenya. It is an organization assists people living with spinal cord injuries to live an independent life.


Neeto! Recently lost the use of legs (RA). I'm producing a cable access show. This will be the only free access cable show featuring positive achievements for the disabled. Would like to use your material. Where do I start? Mahalo.

William “Pila” Laronal

Nice cartoons, I'll be back to check out your new ones. Keep up the great work.

Dan Meyer

This is good stuff. It doesn't exactly mirror my experience as a 28-year-old wheelchair user. NONETHELESS, it is not your job to mirror anything. As an artist your only job is to express yourself in a funny way. In that, you have succeeded. On the issue of you being non-disabled, never let that bother you. Man is a thinking creature and as such is capable of empathy. The woman who draws the strip that I will someday publish draws what I write down with an almost uncanny skill( and she is able-bodied, or normal or whatever the hell those who would deem to speak as if all those in wheelchairs were of a mind would call her) Whatever anyone may call her she is of ENORMOUS value to me both as an artist and a friend. I defy anyone to say my statement on my own disability is less valid because my partner's legs work. Keep at it my friend. a LOT of people NEED humor. Best,

Robert L. “Rob” McCarthy


Janet “Ruby” Gaitor

Great cartoons. I teach an adapted PE class and love sharing these with the students.

Lindsay Edwards

The skatepark (which is privately owned) has been sold! They are going to build a condo there instead!! There is another place for skateboarders near me, but it is a wading pool in a park (which I would be able to use, except I would be trapped there if I wanted to get out!) The skatepark that I used looked exactly like the one in the picture on your webpage. This is pretty bad, I guess now I will have to take up wheelchair basketball or something... The skatepark (which is privately owned) has been sold! They are going to build a condo there instead!! There is another place for skateboarders near me, but it is a wading pool in a park (which I would be able to use, except I would be trapped there if I wanted to get out!) The skatepark that I used looked exactly like the one in the picture on your webpage. This is pretty bad, I guess now I will have to take up wheelchair basketball or something...

Dean “The Crip” Morrow

I come from Hong Kong... am also a wheelchair user. This is really a nice web site, will promote this web site to my disabled friends.


Hi there, I have just found this site and it is very interesting, hope everybody is well and having fun. A good motto is: SMILE, then everyone wants to know what your thinking!!

Hayley “Halebop”

Keep up the good work!!

Helge Steen

Cute site. It looks like people really enjoy your comics. Good luck and God bless!

Mandy Beth

Our members will truly enjoy your comics because they are mostly all in wheelchairs and you don't come across wheelchair humor that often.

Robyn Smith

Hee hee, brilliant :D


I like your website a lot. U need a cartoon about to show people how it feels about being made fun of having a disability.

Tiffany “Tiff”

Great show - we promote safer access for the elderly and people with physical and sensory disabilities, including vision and hearing in New Zealand. Always looking for cartoons for our newsletter distributed to local authorities and businesses. We have a particular concern that rehabilitation is often focussed on computer skills, but not many offices are accessible. I believe some of your cartoons would effectively illustrate many of our typical scenarios. We would appreciate permission to use selected cartoons in our newsletter. Look forward to your response. Thanks.


I am the editor of our local multiple sclerosis newsletter, a non profit newsletter. I ran across the site "Disabled with Leeder O, men, and I would like to reprint some of the comics in the newsletter. All credits will be given with each copy.

Ron Smolders

Hi John! I just discovered your cartoon and I think it's great! I have spina bifida and I too am a cartoonist. I do a strip called "Funny as a Crutch". Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Frank Bernard Jr. -RIP

Hey, really great and REALLY funny! I luv how you don't make him seemed handicapped, cuz he's not!!!

Love Casts Girl

You're so cool. You're so fine. You're the best all the time.

Jordan “Jojo”

Hey man, it's Jonathan from Venice beach wanted to give you my info. Awesome to meet u hope to hear from u soon.

Jonathan “Fatboy” Stark

Dear John, I saw this and am thrilled I have a 15-year-old son in a wheelchair who is loving this thank you for making a hard subject fun.

Donna “Mom” Konvent

Hi John, I really enjoy your toons and was wondering if you ever will do any related to wheelchair rugby? It's a pretty aggressive sport and might make for some great strips. Leeder caught in the middle of a rugby game would be a great place for him to take out his aggression. I'd like to feature them on my web site if you ever pen any up. We get tons of quad traffic as the web is mainly devoted to wheelchair rugby.

John Bishop

The most enjoyable site in a long time. Having MS I can relate to the comics and enjoy myself. Keep up the good work. Outstanding site!

John “John Kay” Kozakiewicz

It makes me so angry as the parent of an autistic child, the ignorance of people who say 'eee she doesn't look like there's anything wrong with her'. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! Thanx for the website giving a more positive view of disability, I also get funny looks when I joke about it apart from those who are affected. Its able-bodied people who have the problem.

Mandy “UKmadMandy” Hunt

I like the concept, and hope you will enlarge it. However, not all of us are 20 or 30. How about some additional characters who are female? Using forearm crutches? Etc.

Jean Manly

Hi. I am 16 years old and I use a wheelchair almost all of the time. I am paralyzed in one leg. I have finally found a place on the internet for me to go to and find a role model for me. THANK YOU!!!!

Nathaniel “Speed Demon” St. John

Just want to say, I am inspired by your story! I am a pediatric rehab nurse in Dallas, TX (Our Children's at Baylor) and I have given your name to some of our new spinal cord injury patients to help them realize that they may have lost their ability to walk but there are lots of other things they can do. Keep up the good work and if you are ever in Dallas maybe ya could come to visit us!!

Dawn Penner

Love your website. I was wondering who the other Rentia Coetzee is I would love to get in contact with you. I am also a paraplegic with the same name. :-) Any disabled person who would like to get in contact with me is welcome.

Rentia “Goggatjie” Coetzee

I am the manager of the Yahoo! Accessibility Blog (accessibility.yahoo.com), and, well, we love Leeder O. Men. When we think of disabilities we think energy, bold, and risk... all of which are exhibited through Leeder O. Men. On that note, we would love to reprint Leeder O. Men on our blog. The compensation we offer is exposure to a large audience, and obviously credit (links, shout outs, etc.) back to your site. We can discuss the details later, for now, we want to see if you are interested. Looking forward,

Nathaniel Ebrahimoon

Good stuff... I enjoy your cartoons.

Tony Reynen

Found you by accident, and have really enjoyed my time here. As "The Terminator" says, "I'll be back!!" Thanx to y'all for the GRINZ!

Sue “Lady Honeybear” Haldane-Laster

Hello, thanks for the great site and terrific cartoons.

Laurel Mildred

Once a Lowlife, always a Lowlife. Did you know you can fit "LdrOMen" on a license plate?

Vaj “Old Toothy McPhersenmeyer” Potenza

Love the site! i have a disaBility, and i was looking for a site that made fun of disabilities, but in a positive way. great job!

Ali Butt

These are hilarious... keep it up.

Kevin White

Now that's some funny stuff!!! LOL

Joshua “Krazy Leggz” Weckler

Hi. I like it. I live in Hungary, East Europe! I read and look at your site, and I think you are very fun! I am disabled, I sitting in a wheelchair for over 10 years, but I think like you! Fun and humor help our community, to live a better life! It is a great site! If you think look of my website! www.extra.hu/para01 My photo is the first on the site, and all the people is a disabled or not disabled friends of mine! Best regards,

Janos “Rugo” Kanyo

Impressive website. Learned about your URL on Monster Job Forum. My dad used to assist the handicapped for a living at the VA hospitals as a Corrective Therapist. His favorite patients were always the ones active in sports, like wheelchair races, wheelchair basketball, volleyball, etc. His work also included training the handicapped to return to a home lifestyle and real employment. He taught driving, increased use of upper body strength, etc. While he was living, he had over 500 ex-patients to keep in touch each Christmas with cards from their families! I bet former VA patients would be a source for your website.

Ann Marie Heos

I've been in a wheelchair for about a year. And I think you guys are funny.


I've been anxious to pass along your address to my son-in-law's brother who wrapped himself around a tree in colorado while skiing and has been riding around with ever-more independence as a quad ever since. I hope he connects with Leeder, he needs some input from a less-conventional source (he's mired in an environment of mainstream thinking non-alternative conservative care-giving.

Jim Fitzpatrick

Ypu comics stink I hate them. You think we are jist product placement or some sick twisted way to make money off of the misery me and so many others go through.You should be ashamed of your self so should everyone elese who likes your comics. I hope you have to live in a wheelchair. Try spending your life in this sick twisted little chair.

Kaitlyn Mazzio

Thanx! This arrived at a perfect time! For me, others! Then there is no such thing as a "BAD TIME", for this!!!!!!!!!! DISABLED and PROUD!

Tim Burton

It's great to see other wheelies have a cool sense of humor.

Laura Bowden

Hi... very interesting page, different. So are u really not disabled?

Mandy “She-Devil” Walden

Just wanted to say awesome website.

Jesse Paul

Great sarcasm.


Too cool.

Louisa “Lisa” Whitehead

Great website! I like the cartoon format, for us non-wheelchair users, this is a wonderful way to break down barriers and help us to not feel awkward(?) when we encounter someone in a wheelchair. I will take your tips to heart and pass them on. Thank you!Great website! I like the cartoon format, for us non-wheelchair users, this is a wonderful way to break down barriers and help us to not feel awkward(?) when we encounter someone in a wheelchair. I will take your tips to heart and pass them on. Thank you!

Donna Doherty

Great cartoons!


I just wanted to say thank you. Somebody once told me that at times laughter can be a person's best medicine, well I believe you have helped many people here just by making them laugh. Also, I believe its a wonderful thing that your spreading awareness to others in a fun way. So, as a teenager who has a chronic illness, I thank you once again for creating this site.


They are great cartoons : )

Trudy Keil

I would like to get information about your activities. I live in Salt Lake City Utah, right now please send me some e-mail... for the moment I don't belong to any association of dizabled people.

Jorge “George” Zamudio

Felicitaciones por las ideas que presentan es este sitio. Realmente ha sido muy reconfortante y divertido haberlo visto. SALUDOS!!!

Dario Dalinger

I know a high school junior by the name of Richard Spencer who would like to interview a stuntman for a term paper. Would you be interested in talking to him? Send me a phone number or call him at 626-792-7678, if you have any interest in being interviewed. Thank you!

David “Willie” Brandt

Enjoyed your website... I'm in a wheelchair myself, full time for the past 4 yrs. I'm a "rock & roll" grandma... so to speak. Just getting started in a medical equipment business from my home, was looking for moving graphics for my business web page.


Your cartoons are great. Could you e-mail me some info on drawing cartoons. I like drawing people but I can't draw bodies.

Tom Roberts

You sold out! I use to enjoy your humor now your making money off the misery of others... try living in a chair.

Mike Souza

Wonderful place to visit. Thanks.

Casey Leo “Case” Huff

Nice site! Very inspiring to me.

Garrett “The Viking” Preikschas

I just want to say that I think those cartoons were great work and showed that disabled people can do a lot of things people with out disabilities cant to.

Michael “Big Wheelz” Bigger

I found yer Leeder O. Men cartoon to be good... I'm in a chair and want to add your cartoon page to my WWW home page.

Gary Schooley

Read some of your cartoons. I can't believe people could possibly find offense with them. They don't understand that their attitudes restrict much more than disability ever could. I think the humor could do with a boost though, perhaps a more sarcastic edge (we Brits thrive on it).


First time I've seen you, I joined immediately. I'm a 73-year-old L2-L3 para with a decompression laminectomy that goes down to S-1. I imagine that like most of us I feel lonely, it's nice to have company and not on the theme of, 'misery loves company,' as most wheelchair occupants I have met, at least those who were compis mentis, are fun to be with. Thanks for your site.

Robert W. “Bob” Altken

Great cartoons! My ever so helpful son just commented yesterday that he thought I could rock climb again if I could find some tires made of "EB" rubber. He is sure it will work. After seeing the cartoons, I think he may be right.

Laurie “Ratgirl” Monserrat

This stuff is hysterical! I heard adversity builds character, but this is way out there! Keep up the good work. Legs are overrated anyway! Unless she's a hot blonde.

Jim “MadMan”

Interesting site... I am new to the net and I am an amputee.

Eugene Bailey

I really like your site. The cartoons are funny, and you have many resourceful links. I will certainly be back in the near future. Keep up the good work.

Robert Calhoun

Superb site! I knew it some time ago through the web page of Faire Face the APF magazine in France. That's what your site aims and help us to do: to stand right in front of ordinary people.


Great site! I'm glad to see humor in the subject. I was SO TIRED of being felt sorry for. Thanks for looking on the lighter side!!!

Nikki “Wheels Girl”

Still the best disability culture cartoon by an able-bodied artist. Keep up the good work.

Kim “BearWheelz” Hetrick


James A. “Jimmy” Rose

This is a great site good luck and keep on making folks think. I have been a dizabled man for 35 years now and never though I would ever see a cartoon site for this group of crazy people.

Mike “Roho” Roddy

I LOVE the cartoons on your site!! Keep up the awesome work.

Stefanie “Speed Demon On Wheels”

OH MY GOD DO I LOVE THIS STUFF!! You guys are doing a GREAT job. Keep wheelin' in the good stuff.

Emili “Emili Dawn” Smith

Your drawings are great! they portray as just that, people in chairs, not confined to a chair or any of that other nonsense. I am looking for pix of quad rugby, fencers, racers, hoops players, water and snow skiers, and anything else you'd care to share. I work at the shepherd center and your characters look positive and inspired. Can I use your drawings?

Suzanne “Sheppy” Sheppard



Recently became disabled due to muscular dystrophy, Thanks for taking the "gloom and doom" view and stigma off of this issue. You are great!

Deanna “Dee” Weeks

Great work.

Barry “Bazz” Farmer

Dear Mr. Lytle, Thank you for responding to the posting I left in your guestbook. I am looking forward to reading the comic books when they arrive. I enjoy the strips I have read at the site very much. At first, I was rather disappointed to learn that you yourself do not have a disability, but it does seem as if you understand a lot about disabled people and are able to write from our point of view. That says a lot since my experience has been that many ABs don't understand and don't want to understand. They just want to get as far away from us as possible, in case whatever we have might be contagious. As a woman, I have found that many men want to stay as far away as possible because I don't look right for their public image, or they want to get very close in private, but ignore me in public. I really hope that you have or will touch on issues such as these, and help more people understand that those with disabilities are primarily PEOPLE, with the same needs and feelings that everyone else has. I wish you much success with your work. Sincerely,

Pat Nevins

My daughter is in a wheelchair, not all her stunts are planned but some have turned out fun anyway. She was in the lake in her chair when a wave got the best of them The chair went forward with her in it. (I was not far away) Got to her and she said hey mom That was kinda scary, But I would like to do it again, now that I know it will be ok. I saw a fish. Now she snorkels. It is really great when they realize what they can do.

Lori Neal

HELLO from Italy! Really funny site!

Giovanna “Luna” Vittorelli

Great to see such a fun disability web site! We need to lighten up and you're just the tonic!

Jeannette Chrzanowski

I think your %#@^en crazy, but cool as hell.

Bdawg “LilB” Homie

Super idea to show the barrier with humor.

Chantal Valiquette

I am checking things out here and seeing how far you have gone - absolutely fantastic!

Julia Hollenbeck

My husband was in a wheelchair for 7 years, due to a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 47 years old when it happened. Whenever I see a family with a husband in a wheelchair I just want to go up to them and hug them both, for I know what they are both going through. I want to be available to anyone who would like some support. I need to give back to the disabled community the support and knowledge I obtained during those 7 years. Your website is wonderful and I related to all of the information you have for people who live in wheelchairs. Thank you!!!

Sharon Share

Stumpy sent me to this web-site. It always brightens my day.

Brenda Kay “Brennie” Winters

Need a smile!!!!!

Patsy Lane Hellen

I love your cartoon. I don't care if you're in a wheelchair or not. I like the fact that you made a superhero who is different. Thank you and keep up the great work. A sense of humor is a powerful tool that can change the world.

Jim Becknell

It's Great!

Vic “Zapper666” Saragozza

It's great. Keep up good work. I really don't like people with talent (haha)

Lee Newman

Dear Mr. Lytle, Your cartoons amuse me. I wonder if you have any more to put on this program.

Craig Smith

I love your pictures!!! I am telling friends about your site, and would love to link your page to our project page.

Susan Tufts

Leeder is one of the coolest and most well-drawn cartoons I've seen... quite a hero! I am working on creating a superhero on wheels (novel type), and finding Leeder gives me many ideas! God Bless You!

Cecilia “Cici” Lind

Great stuff!

Barrie Ellis

I'm sorry buddy, but your comics suck. I really think it's mean of people to encourage you to continue making them. I feel you can take my advice seriously because I'm unbiased. Two words, sympathy applause. An idea for you: a disabled man gets pissed at jesus for allowing his mobility to be taken. The disabled man challenges jesus to a fight-till-the-death and loses.

Johnny “Legs” Walker

This page is great. It's nice to see someone looking at the lighter side of things... = )

WaCkY WeIrD WhEeLiE GiRl

I do love your site and have read The bad comments about your site. I can't believe people could like it until knowing you're not disabled. That I think s discrimination. It really doesn't matter If your handicapped or not. I think it's great that you have been helping handicapped people. They remind me of all the people who didn't like my me riding up a hill and then seeing how fast I could shoot down. Also, I love the first stips of Leeder they are really cool.

Shannon “Squeeky Wheels” B.

Love the site. I have friends in the science fiction world who presented me with a button that has a person rolling down a hill. The caption is "Oh Sh*t". I try to wear to every convention I go to cause it always gets a big laugh.

Judith “Chilimomma” Ward

I think your site is great!! Keep it up!!!

Francine “Lainie”

Hi, I'm disabled. I use a power w/c and I have 2 serious diseases/conditions which cause me to have multiple health problems. I just "happened on" to this site. It's nice to see a cartoon for disabled people.

Esther Gorton

Loved the site. Made me laugh my butt off.

Robert “Rob” Foxx

Hi, John, I thought you and your readers would be interested in a recent post on GM's FastLane blog -- GM engineer Joe Katona writes about his son's recent spinal cord injury and asks for feedback from readers with mobility needs. (Don't know if there's a cartoon in it or not, just trying to spread the word. I really enjoy your site.)

Charlie Kondek

Great Stuff!!!!!

Inett Moreno

I just found your website today and I love it! It's great to see someone with such life. Reminds me of me. LOL, Thanks a lot.

Lisa “Too Shy”

I think that messages posted by a few irate or hurt people may be slightly humorless. There is something about wallowing in disability, fulfilling existence with self-pity and pain, and then there's an approach with a lighter heart that inevitably will bring only more smiles forwards. I am not a particular fan of cartoons but this is full of good intentions and fucks the PC'ness of things which makes it such a taboo subject in the first place, who needs more boundaries imposed by society? Rock on to a lighter heart my friend.

Georgia Mattesio

Tremendous cartoons.


Great fun cartoons.

Charles Malvasi Jr.

It is wonderful to finally discover a cartoon as insightful and innovative as yours. Thanks!

Karen Moore

Love your cartoons and so do my patients.

Brooke Wadsworth



Just flat enjoyed your cartoons.

Ben Harville

Outstanding! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one doing things like letting the kids (or wife) rollerskate or skateboard while holding on to my chair! (Great way to get through a large mall quick tho!) I'm in a power chair we nicknamed "Chairdozer" because it wipes out things occasionally! Leeder is crazy and funny and we need more people to be like that instead of sitting in their chairs, feeling sorry for themselves! I can't wait to see more of Leeder's antics. I'm getting ideas already! Please keep 'em coming! Thanks again for the inspiration!

David “Chairdozer” Breezy

I just stumbled on your web site and think it's cool! And I read the "phobe" and find those funnier than the cartoons. And the cartoons are amazing! Then I discovered you're able-bodied. How do you get it so RIGHT for an able-bodied person? I think it's great.

Jason P. Clark

Saw your cartoons. I think they are very cool! Thanks!


Some great funnies there. My friends into the sports scene will love it.

Andre “Stray” Nasvytis

Great!!! I'm an Italian boy and I'm doing research about disabilities...so... it was a great surprise for me to find your site. I'm not a person with a disability and sometimes it's difficult to understand this world that is new for me, That's why creations like this site are a valuable help. The irony is the only way to face life... that the great instruction you give. thanks. P.S. Sorry for my English but... try to write in Italian and we'll see!!!

Alessandro Menin

Yur site is cool!

Nick “Pothead” Wiedl

I love this site. It's soooooo cool

Dean “Dino” Herald

Leeder, Your sense of humor parallels our sports passion - we both sort of Level the playing field. Keep up the great work.

Johnny “Rotton” Bulson

ruler! Sensitiveness you in compensation this mega wonderful nahuy puper forum!! I like all info.I bond your coloring pages I up f mark up them an percipience to my kids they be tribulation with support up to make fun coloring them.


Great web site. Thanks!

Aaron “Aron”

Pretty funny. All taken in a good way.


Stick it up the phobes. 4 on the floor Australia

Simon “Zaphod”


Theresa “Wildthing”

Cool site. When life delivers you a blow, you need a sense of humor, as I found when I lost my 17-year-old brother. I have a wicked sense of humor.

Bev “Maverick” James

I used to do a zine called Pad Rot, you and I traded. Did a search on "Naughty Nomads" and found your site. Still think NN is one of the best zines I ever read. Glad to see you're doing well.

Mike “The Spooort” Benson

John, Christine and I checked your site out, right on John! Leeder is a great role model and generally kick-ass dude. He has grown since I saw him 10 years ago. Keep up the good work! New years was fun, hope to see you soon.

Mark and Christine Peterson

Love this.

Sheila “McSalmon” Kelpin

Love the strip! Keep up the great work!

David Thomas

I see myself, and so many people I know in your cartoons, PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I recommend your stuff to everybody ! The Wheely Folks of America need Leeder O, Men!

Thomas J. “Smoke” Schmokel

Those Leeder O. Phobes are too serious.

Doug “Half Pint”

I am a stock footage researcher. I am interested to find out if there are any live wheelchair skateboarders. Someone is looking for footage of this. Please let me know. Thanks.

Ellen Rennell

I haven't heard of you before but I like what I see. I'm a fan of Jon Callahan too. I'm disabled and so is my husband, although neither of us is in a chair yet. Keep us laughing.

Bill and Lisa

Awww hell, I haven't laughed this much in ages!!!!!! Oops, are we crips allowed to laugh???

Andy “Wheels” Wattson

Hi, I was directed to your site as part of my nursing class and would like to put my 2 cents in. Your site is great, mucho kudos! I think people's reactions are based on where they are with their own thoughts and experiences. Folks need to remember that is OK to laugh WITH someone but not AT them. I think much of the awkwardness involving "non-disabled" folks and disabled folks is that the "non-disabled" folks are uninformed about the situation. They usually "want to help" but may well come off looking quite stupid... So, here's to more informed and less stupid!! Thanks.

Jo “Jojo” Lang

Congratulations. Keep the comic coming.

Luke “TruckMaster”

Since I'm on the job now, I didn't have time to fancy on your productions, but they are fantastic! In any case many many thanks from Italy!

Elisabetta “Betti” Cardelli

I'm researching around what actually is a disability, and why people think it is. Really interested in disabled skaters (not just wheelchair-bound) and trying to promote awareness. peace.

Tom Hadfield

My name is matty frost and I'm from Whitemore School. I am recently preparing for an exam and while reviewing for this exam we came across one of your cartoons. I just to say that it was a very effective piece that made us all think about what we could do to help.

Matty Frost

Really cool site. I've been a para 22 years and this is the first time I've seen a comic about wheelers... Keep up the good work.. and don't forget to do one about duct tape.

David “walkingheart” Tallman

In Europe the parking joke is as big as in the USA, It's amazing how people "didn't see", "are in a hurry", "don't care" when it comes to respect for the few parking spaces allocated to wheelchair users. Do European wheelchair users think life is much better in the USA? More accessible public buildings, Able-bodied people kinder, Better wheelchairs technology, Is that true?

Dammy Vermeers

Awesome site.


Thnx for the strips ;)

D “Spaz” B

Awesome Site, still laughing!

David “Breezy” Brissee

This is a very good idea. I am disabled and you need a good laugh sometimes to keep going, but also it is a serious page with some of the other things that are in it.

Betty Ann Cannon

Rather interesting. Been 6 years using a walker and one month as an amputee. Your humor fits in with my take on life's little situations.

Dawn “Donna” Spain


Don DeVaul

We like Leeder O. Men quite a bit and we are looking for comics for the Cripworld Times (the newspaper of Cripworld).

Kimberley “WCG” Barreda

A good friend of mine was paralyzed in a car accident in our freshman year of high school, we are now seniors. I know this site has been a good place to find some laughs for her after the accident. I just wanted to thank you for creating a site where she can look a the lighter side of her situation. :)

Britt M.

I am an Occupational Therapist working in the specialty of Wheelchairs & Seating. I think your cartoons are fab. It's amazing how many people think that people with disabilities aren't able to have a joke. I'll certainly be sharing these cartoons with the people I see. Keep them coming!!!!

Tanya Syred

I loved the sense of humour, most of all the bus cartoon, how very right that seems!!!!!

Peter “The_Wheel” Gardiner

I just found this site. I have spent several hours searching for something like this. I plan to ENJOY it!




I live in the rural state of South Dakota, and in a town of fewer than 500 people. Basically I am the disabled community. Thanks to your cartoons, I don't feel so isolated and my sense of adventure has increased. I've learned to snow ski, and drive. I even go off-roading in my power chair... well that may be because there aren't a lot of paved roads or accessible sidewalks in my community. I very much enjoy your sense of humor as I have never been one to take the fact that I sit instead of standing seriously.

Kati “CK” Seymour

Hi John,

I was at your website today and I couldn't help but notice that you have an advertisement for Colours and a photo of Aaron Fotheringham. Do you know Aaron? The reason why I ask is that we would like to have Aaron speak and perhaps share some video footage at our conference, and I would really be interested in contacting him. Please let me know if you have any information or just forward my contact information to Aaron and his family.

Have a great day and I will look forward to talking with you soon.

First I have seen... would like to see more.

James M. “Mike” Brook

This site of yours kicks ace. I never laughed my ace off so much as I did when I read your cartoons. Keep up the great work.

Carla “No Legs”

I work at a special ed school with a neurologically involved population. They love the cartoons with chairs... Thanks!

Eileen Wallace

Hi, from Argentina here. Very good idea about humor about disabled people. Keep doing that, the disabled topics don't have to be serious.


I am in a chair 2. have been my whole life.

Ea “Alex” Alex

Thanks for the laughs. I look forward to checking in on your site. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that can see something funny about the situations that wheelers sometimes come across in life. Keep smiling!

John Quinn

This page is great.

Yvonne “Whild Child” Hathcock

Cool cartoons!

Cesaro Langa

I'm post-Polio and in a chair. Do you know what cracks me up? All the pretentious AB's out there who just don't get it. Like the woman at the pharmacy, who went out of her way to open the automatic sliding door for me. For cryin' out loud lady, I'm crippled...not stupid. Back in the early 70's when I was in high school, and before I was permanently in a chair, I had had some surgery on my right ankle. Because of this is I was in a chair for a couple of months while I healed. One of my buddies had a motorcycle and we thought the chair might make a good sidecar. So he grabbed the raised footrest with his left hand and away we went. Well, just as we passed the school's front door outwalked the school nurse. Did you know that school nurses have ZERO sense of humor? We weren't going that fast. And besides, I wore a helmet. Laugh now. You may not get another chance.

Michael “GimpLizard” Dean

I find your strip wonderful. It shows the lighter side of life in a wheelchair and more importantly that just because a person is in a wheelchair does not mean they don't have a sense of humor. I think with all this political correctness garbage people are afraid of saying or doing anything that might somehow be taken as being put down. So way to go and keep up the good work.

Sandra “Tyler” Slocomb

This is a great site... it is always refreshing and entertaining to check out your work. Check out our new site when you get a chance, The Disability Resource.

Greg Medera

Right on!! I have C.P. and used to compete on the Canadian Disabled Alpine Ski Team. I don't see why those others were all cramped typical bitter gimps!!!!! Keep it up. we gotta show all that we can do anything and everything despite our limitations. there's more than one way to skin a cat, but why would you do such a thing. My racing days have allowed me to see a lot of wild and zany disabled "stunts" but the best is the reaction of able-bodied guys watching hot girl "wheelies" spinning on the dance floor in their chairs. Keep it up and keep it real guy!!!!!

Craig “Lips” Abernethy

Great site. I'm glad we can still all have a great sense of humor despite our disabilities!

Linda “Lin”

Question... I am looking for clothing designed for female handicapped people, but with some fashion to them. I've found some sites but a hospital smock is not what I have in mind :-) can you help with any contacts/links? P.S. Liked the site!

Roger “Limey1”

I like the hydraulics cartoon the best.

Matthew Haynes

Hey if anyone can draw a cartoon as described below. I would really like a copy: A powerchair with a ventilator on the back. Flying a U S Marine flag. Chair with big knobby tires. Paint it woodland camo. A fat Marine, sort of like "Sarge" in Beatle Bailey cartoon.. HEY. It would look just like me :):):)

Charles “Robo” Boggs

You rock!! Keep up the good work!


I think your cartoons are great.

Don Miller

I am in a wheelchair. Your comics are awesome! They are great! Keep them coming!

Dijon “Justoneofus”

They are hilarious. Thanks.

Alyssa “Coppertop” Carton

Great web site!!!!!!!!! Best of luck in all of your endeavors!!

Bob “John's Pop” Davis

I would like to use one of your strips in a college paper about kids with handicaps. it is a positive twist on how to be determined and not give up and to make sure lawmakers enforce laws on compliance.

Steve Ervin

This site is the best! it makes me smile to know we can make fun of ourselves and people not look down on it.

Mike “Big Wheelz” Bigger

How do we spend more time enjoying the opportunity we are helping to create?

Jim “Fitz” Fitzpatrick

Keep on ripping it up! Good stuff man.


I enjoy your comics very much.

Yair Grosman

Leeder O. Men is funny enough, well-drawn enough, and real enough to belong in mainstream daily newspapers. I'm going to send copies of your work to the Detroit Free Press. Keep up the good work. The Disability Nation needs people like you and Leeder.

Kim “BearWheelz” Hetrick

I have been a para for 6 years and never heard of this site. I found it by accident but I will not lose it, I love it. I laughed so hard. It is great to see someone who sees no pity in being a gimp. I don't, hey it's time to live life to its fullest! Keep up the great work.

Tricia “TWBANDIT” Sapp

I'm a cartoonist and my son was injured over three years ago. he is an incomplete quad and is on the upswing of severe depression. I'm cartooning for him so I really appreciate your work. It is good to be able to laugh again after so much devastation. Thank you a lot. His name is Ray Mathews and he is in a nursing home getting ready to come home. we are so happy about this and are grateful to God he has given ray back to us.

Anavah Mathews

Good work! I like the cartoons. Some of them are funny to me because I'm a roller. I'm going to try them out on my students and see what their reaction is. Ideas: More interaction with typical clueless TABs. Perhaps it would be educational, but better yet, it would be a good emotional release for folks like me.

K. “Bearwhlz” Hetrick

Very good cartoons. I liked them a lot.

Donna “Dee” Macmillan

Jawhn, I have been trying to get a hold of you for some time. I kept searching under Dettman. By chance I typed in "Leeder O Men" And up you came. I just happened to have found an issue of Naughty Nomads while going through some old skate shit. Please drop me a line. It would be good to talk to you. The site looks great.

Michael “Forty Three” Johnson

I just wrote you this long message and don't have time to retype it all- when I clicked send - I guess my email was incorrect and it said "dang, your email didn't match" when I went back my long flattering letter of encouragement was gone. So here's the bottom line... Submit your comics to the big guys, www.kingfeatures.com, etc- I'm the mom of a boy on wheels and an artist as well and would love to see Leeder on office bulletin boards and fridges just as much as Ziggy and Haagar. The media has succeeded in truly desensitizing us to violence on TV, Let's do it with assistive technology. Ok, so I can't help being longwinded, Good luck to you and be blessed. Thanks,

Martha Hale-Stoetzer

Hi there.... love your website, some days I feel like I'm sitting on a rock over a canyon, really to go plummeting to the bottom.... have any words of wisdom for someone like me? (single mom, disabilities due to back injury, increasing probs, finally applied for social security disability, 2 yrs fighting so far, had to stop working in May, government doesn't seem to care, even cut legal aid help to people such as myself, gonna start writing my congressmen and state reps, don't' know what else to do? The state cut off all help with transportation, which was insane. Seems the elderly and disabled poor people are getting the bad end of the deal compared to everyone else.

Laurie “La-De-Dah the Clown” Wells

One of my best friends, Matt, is in a wheelchair and we are both in the 10th grade at Harrison High. I think that it is great that our school allows kids with disabilities to be in normal classes. In middle school, they were not allowed to be in a normal class and we never got to know them. I think that if we are exposed to disabilities in school and life at an early age, there would not be as much teasing and non-understanding when they get older.

Kourtney “Kourt” Spaulding

Heye, I'm in the last year of high skool and I'm writing a speech on the rights of dizabled people and the position of dizabled people in the workplace and I found this website brill! The strips that I showed them from your website made everyone laugh and I got the A+ that I wanted. Thanx a lot!.

Karen “Kaza” Meyrick

The various members of the Bear Clan and I have enjoyed the (mis)adventures of Leeder O. Men for a long time, in part because he reminds us so of ourselves. I'm glad to see that John is still busy, churning out this joyful "spin" on wheelchair jockeys and life where the rubber meets the road. Keep it up! In all things, Peace.

Bear “Prime Totem” o' the Bear Clan

Well here is the real wheelchair-stuntman. Come play with Trevair Leeder, I'm still waiting for my intro cartoon, after all, I jump in the snow on the dirt and really grind rails check out the new movie from freeride-entertainment.Com and let me know what you want to do.

Trevor “Trevair” Snowden

I just thought I would thank you for being the first person I have heard of, to make a joke about "disabled" people. My daughter has a condition called arthrogryposis which restricts the movement of all limbs. She is four and in a wheelchair. I am glad to know that she will have a good role model to not take herself so seriously. Thank You.

Jessica Curtis

I like that!

Wolfgang Kling

Would it hurt your feelings if I said that I have made you the official toon of my website? I always look forward to more adventures!

Michael “Mike” True

Fantastic! Great Job.

Ellen Van der Net

My brother is Jason Brumley. Have something about cheese in it.

Jessica Brumley

Awesome comix! Never have I met someone with a sense of humor and adventure so close to my own. Too bad he's a comic character! Way to go Leeder!

Jocelyn “JT”

I really think you should let your mind slip more often. Its a state of faith in yourself that will take your life into living it like a toon. The sun & moon do their bit each day, so let us all do our bit. It's a real moondanz to see what you can put into a toon, its all our dreams put onto paper. Which proves we don't dream in black 'n' white. A large feast of I can do that ( or are some of us just about to go out the door and do it now ) from the UK Say Leeder I was in a club a while back and was told by a floor manager to keep my wheels on the floor! Hell I had at least one on the floor. Do you see anyone else keepin' their feet on the floor all the time? good to see so many write from the viewers u av. From the loon who wants to live like a toon"

Paul “Mad Brad” Bradley

Nice site. You cracked me up.


I'm a nursing student at the University of Oklahoma college of nursing. I discovered you through a class I'm taking called the Human Experience of Disability. Through this course, I have been forced to go out in the community on my own and meet people who live with disabilities. I really had no idea how ignorant I was about disabilities. I have met some very interesting people and some not so interesting. The point is that they are just people, with the same wants and needs as anyone else. I still sound pretty stupid on this subject. I have a lot to learn if I want to be an advocate for all healthcare-seeking people. I do want to be a good nurse for all my patients. Anyway, I love your cartoons.

James Hilliard

Your guy in a bacon sandwich.

John “Baldie” Thompson

Very well done drawings and the humor is topnotch! Where can we get posters or paper copies of your artwork? They would be an excellent addition to our library.

David Smith

Hi, my name is John J2 Mryczko and I run EdxtremeChairing.com and am the creator of the new sport Power Wheelchair Racing. I discovered your website today because of the traffic that was coming from your site onto mine. I really think it's awesome that you have been drawing this disabled extreme sports athlete for so long. it's funny that when you started drawing this comic I was just starting in my carrier and love for able-bodied extreme sports and today I discovered your cartoon and am now this disabled extreme sports athlete. are these comics distributed or sold anywhere in bulk? I would like to get involved or have www.ExtremeChairing.com mentioned in your comic so more people will know about disabled extreme sports. please contact me when you get a chance, email. i will put your link to your website on EC's link page. thanks and keep up with Leeder.

John J2 “J2” Mryczko

I really like your cartoons a lot and they are very humorous to me. I am a paraplegic L2-L3. I am a thirteen and lovin' life (sometimes when there are no hurdles to get through in life and I have no boundaries to deal with).

Jessica “Freddie” Hines

I'm a retired PT, medically retired due to herniations of spine and complications. I laughed my ass off. Good pen and ink work, good subjects. I work in mixed media and love cartooning. Good, honest work. Keep it up. I'm referring your site to my fellow PT's and OT's, and letting friends at the APTA know about it. LOL.

Janice “Jancy”

Hi! I would like yo know more about you!!

Claudia Smith

Hi John, I wanted to again say thank you for everything you have done to help make the conference a great experience for all of the attendees. The stories you shared were enjoyed by all and I believe you warmed the hearts of many while you made us laugh. It was an absolute pleasure talking with you and I look forward to sharing Leeder's experiences with my colleagues and students. Please call or email me if you ever find yourself near the armpit (Modesto) of California, as it would be an absolute honor to have you over for dinner or to even just share a cup of coffee with you. You are an inspiration to many and the stories you share through Leeder challenge us all to consider the possibilities.

Bruce Davey

Fantastic stuff, I've bookmarked you!

Trudy Mulligan

Looooove it! You are in the groove without being in the chair. I am going to send this site to all my ADAPT friends. Hey, come to action! See adapt.org and change the world!"

Mary “mavesmom” O'Brien

Hi! The kids I told u about at the hospital who love your site, unfortunately, do not have email.... or they would write! Sorry! They do love you though!


Wow. What a site. keep up the good work. as someone who works with the people in the chairs often, I found the cartons funny. ( (I coach baseball)

Debbi “Dugout Debbi”

I like the pictures.

Chris Taylor

I love your cartoons!! I think is great to find good humor in any situation... Good Job!! Please continue drawing :-)


Man, the cartoons are soo funny I nearly crapped myself. I've actually been the one going through the drive-thru. The looks I get are priceless. Thanks for creating such an awesome and entertaining site.

Ron “Wheelz” Martin

I would first like to say how much I enjoyed the humor in your strip. But the reason I am writing to you is to offer you additional exposure on my comic strip site. This is a free site, and of course free exposure. Please feel free to take a look at the site and write to me with any questions.

James Fleitz

I enjoyed your cartoons. I work at a center for independent living. We are looking for places to get cartoons from to include in our newsletter.


Great! These are hilarious. Unfortunately, I think only disabled people will understand them.

Doug “Lzrdman”

Fab site.


Been a quad since 1976 and I can laugh at being disimpacted.

Jon “A**hole” Sanborn

I really like the website!! Especially, all of the cartoons that are incorporated throughout it. Keep up the good work.

Erin “Er-Bear”

Hi John... great site and great comics!!! Keep up the good work. Question- Where can I get a copy of 'Free Wheeling'? Do you have the contact information for the Regional Rehabilitation Research Institute on Attitudinal, Legal and Leisure Barriers, Washington, D.C.? I tried looking for them and couldn't find them. I am the Information and Referral Coordinator for the National offices of UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) and am always on the lookout for good disability etiquette tips. Thanks for your time and effort in advance.

Margaret “Muffi” Lavigne

I've actually never been to this site before. I have been in a chair all my life... 17 years, and this site shows the funny side of what happens in everyday life. Keep up the good work.

Ame Barnbrook

Love your cartoons: drawings, statements a real gem. Lots of laughs, Thank You.


"Oh baaahhhhhdddd!!! "Where there's a wheel, there's a way." Too, too cool! I surfed into -- or, rather, I WHEELED into your site, and it is about time WE had some good humor! Actually, we have soooo many experiences as crips which, upon reflection, can make us giggle (and not take ourselves so seriously.) We need MORE of your lighthearted humor in order to appreciate ANYTHING we do have left. I always say that when you are faced with a "mountain," you can always go around, over, or through it, to get to the other side (your goal.) "Creative thinking" is our greatest gift! Keep on keeping on, and big THANX again.

Lisa “Lee”

I love it!

Julia “Droolz” Fearing

Superb! Leeder has shown us that those in wheelchairs aren't handicapped but handi-capable!

Sue Detelich

Very fun and creative! I enjoyed it!

Debbie “Deb” Barrett

The city of Escondido talks a good talk but doesn't want disabled workers. That's Escondido, CA.

Jesse “Butch” Dye

I loved your site! These should be in the Atlanta Journal Sunday paper to bring more awareness to the community!

Dee Daniel

Hello. I like the cartoons, and look forward to every new one. I hope that the books will be available for sale in Norway.


Felicitaciones por las ideas que presentan es este sitio. Realmente ha sido muy reconfortante y divertido haberlo visto. SALUDOS!!!

Dario “Darius” Dalinger

Most folks I write to about anything disabled, I've never heard back from still to this day. I am asking if you are located in any newspapers yet ( you should be ! ) I am always trying to find positive attitude and positive people to do write-ups on, and would LOVE to be able to introduce you to the world! I think you'd brighten up other's spirits in care homes or bedridden in their own home. I think you are a gem! I would love to be able to subscribe to your daily or weekly stip if possible, heck I am on Facebook! lol... Hope I don't scare you off, you are the first person I dare talk about all this stuff too. You seem very down to earth and caring about folks and life in general!

Virginia Carty

Very nice site. Thanks for your hard work on this site. I'm glad I stopped by and will again, many times.

Bruno “Bibo” Brayn

Really nice place here.

Hanni Berger

Cool site. It fits me.

Katie “Chonchie”

Hi. This website is weird but ok, I guess some people are just like that.

Kelsey “Kel”

What a great site!!! Thanks for portraying the lighter side of having a disability.

Lisa “Froggy” Franks

I think your comics are very unique. Your character definitely doesn't take life lying down. I'll be looking forward to his other adventures.

Elizabeth Baldwin

This site is great! Shows the funny side of one of the hardest things to deal with, disabilities! The strip about the parking really hit home! It's one thing that bugs me in this world, those who park where they shouldn't! Thank you for a great laugh, I've needed that! :)

Christina M.

Not bad, like it.

Judi “JJ” Johnny

Thanks for some great stuff! Maybe if we laugh a little more the world will be a more accessible place.

James McIntire

Neat site!

Gary Gambino

We enjoyed your cartoons, and copied them to spread your humor with our professional peers. Mike teaches students who have severe disabilities, and Susan is a school-based occupational therapist.

Susan and Mike Zinz

Very nice!!!

Tiny du Preez

13 year old with Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy. Confined to W/C.

Ben Edrington

My daughter uses a wheelchair due to her birth defect, Spina Bifida. I sincerely hope a great number of people will read your message and follow the suggestions.


I think your web page is wonderful. I do appreciate all the information about how to handle a person in a wheelchair. I help out with Special Olympics cause we look at our people in wheelchairs as people just like us, with a goal. Tomorrow, on Sat., I will head to Salem, OR for teaching our Athletes how to hit a golf ball. Most of them are in wheelchairs. I always make sure I am at eye level. I guess it is from all my teaching classes and psychology classes and when I did my field experience from grades K through 8th grade. Thank you for providing the information. The cartoon was great!

Lin Hamill

I was referred to this site by a very good friend. They have a disabled son and they are trying there best to make the San Antonio Riverwalk wheelchair accessible. And I think that the cartoon was one hell of a shot in the arm. Thanks again for your help.


A large mad shout 4 the nut who pens the toonz. You make the world smile Live your life like a cartoon and the world will be a most excellent place. So many of us out here do the maddest things on slicks or grips. keep the pen rollin'. wait 4 the film we are goin' to hit U with. All the best things happen when your mind slips away from what's goin' on around you. how can anyone not like your toonz

Paul “Mad Brad” Bradley

I loved it!!!!!! they were the best I have ever seen. I work in a disabled student's office in a college, and I showed my co-workers and they loved them too. I can't wait to see more. Keep up the great work.

Traci Taylor

Dear John, One of the Convomania web site designers forwarded your e-mail to me. I wanted to let you know that I checked out your web site and was very impressed. I like your style and portrayal of disability. Apple is very proud of Convomania and we're honored to be featured on your list of links... all of them seem to have a great "attitude". We are working on a Convomania page which will feature other web sites of interest. Your site has my vote! Many thanks,

Pam Scutt

Eureka!! I work as a Facilitator of Learning and run the Orientation to Disability program. Your cartoons are a delight, so refreshing to see humor & disability coupled together. Thank you.

Kristen McLeod

I know you are not disabled, but your humor is appropriate and just simply funny. As a T-4 paraplegic, I don't have a problem saying that. My only sports are hunting and fishing, but hey, you can't have everything (that is if you don't want it..).! Keep it up!

Tow W. Resse, Jr.

I think this is great. I've been waiting to see something like this.

Mark “I got no legs” Leggless

Excellent comics. Keep up the good work.


Wish you could donate your upbeat look for our logo with a link in exchange for nonprofit ADA litigating organization.

Michael Brennan

I enjoyed your web site. I was introduced to it in a class I am taking for nursing school. Keep up the humorous education.

Laura B.

Awesome instigator... that's what we all need... a little something to make us think, laugh open up and lighten up!!!! Thanks for taking a chance and adding to the culture.

Kim “Kimmi”

Great site! I've bookmarked it in my favorites. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. This is the way to get people to tune in instead of tuning out.

Sylvia Peacock

Love it! Sometimes the only thing that can get a person through life is a little humor. If you don't mind, I would like to add you to my section on disabilities. I hope to be able to find the time to read some of my stories later. All true that we can now laugh at.


We love your cartoons !!. I am from an organization called Communication and Therapy Services in Adelaide, Australia. We produce our own newsletter which is aimed at being informative but humorous at the same time. The team producing this newsletter was wondering whether we could use some of your cartoons to lighten the tone which we all would bethink would be fantastic.

Fran “Fran” Gardiner

I must say I really enjoyed your page and your comics bring some laughter to help cope with my disability.

Donald “Wheelie king” Carpenter

I love this site. My husband is a quad and I can't wait to show this to him and his entire rugby team. Keep up the creativity and thanks for making a difference in the disabled community.

Geneva Foster

Loved the cartoons, Keep up the excellent work you are doing in keeping up the spirits of disabled people round the globe who use the web site.

Thomas “Frenchie” Muirhead

You are really great and I love your funny comics!!!


Really good John! A lot of food for THOUGHT!

Don Goldberg

This site is great! I almost fell out of bed reading it tonight. The scene where he catapulted from his chair by a piece of gum was hilarious. I've come really close to that with pebbles and such. I love Leeder's almost unconscious "Can Do" in the face of others' incredulity. Thanks for keeping my perspective a little more positive.


We need more people like you! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer “360”

Thank you for making life with "dizabilities" a little easier. My late husband was confined to a wheelchair for the last 4 years of his life, not by choice mind you. This must have been one of those sites he signed up for. Now I KNOW where he got some of his craziest ideas. Thanks,

Denise “Iammotherearth” Gaylord

I am in a wheelchair and a friend of mine who is also in a wheelchair... stumbled upon your website and we love it.

Kerry “Speedy” Bissell

When I read the cartoon about "tornado surfing" I had to laugh thinking of the "sit n spin." When I was a little one, we couldn't afford the sit n spin, but wanted one desperately!!! Being the resourceful child that I was, I got out of my w/c, turned it on its side, and viola! Instant sit n spin!! My sister and I spent many hours sit n spinning on the wheels of my chair until my mother started wondering why the wheels were getting bent! LOL .. thanks for the memory

Lacie Wright

GREAT job on the hints about dealing with persons using wheelchairs.Bravo!! You will never understand totally until you have been there, so I think everyone should try using a wheelchair for at least half a day. It will change the way you arrange your home or office if nothing else. But it should make you aware of LOTS of things you won't know otherwise.

Barbara “Earth Mother”

Great site!


Wish you could mainstream these to the TAB's.

Dan Arthur

Just checking you out. Thanks.

Sidney “Sid” Banker

I like your cartoons and your attitude towards life. I am also a cartoonist/ caricaturist from Bangalore, India with disability.

Jairam “Jai” Udupa

Thanks for a great website. Keep on rollin'

Robby “Ironside” Ferguson

Hello from Spain. I like very much the cartoon, I will use them for explaining my co-workers about self-advocate. Thank you very much.

Ester Navallas

I would like to put some strips on my future homepage (being prepared to go on line). The one about visiting a restaurant ending up in box lunch I find most appropriate for my homepage. I try to find means of getting more mobility and communication for those in wheelchairs. In European countries, challenging.

Dammy Vermeers

I liked the comic on being in jail because of protesting inequalities. I was recently arrested at my child's school for refusing to leave until I was heard and then smarting off to the police the principal called to escort me out - basically, I told them I wasn't going to walk out ahead of them because I didn't want to become a police-assisted suicide.


Great idea.

Virgo “Just Virgo”

I liked the cartoon they are brilliant. I'm a wheelchair user myself can I paste em up on my sight and print them out so I can show them to ppl. I think they really do get the message I've been sending all along and that is just coz my legs don't work properly doesn't mean the rest of me doesn't.

Neil “Wolffie” Tideswell

Does anyone have a used sports wheelchair that's got leg rests? I am a young guy who uses the left leg/arm, I wanna race in a few events coming up, My chair is the piece of shit they give all old people, I need Titanium for lightweight.

Walter Campbell

Great site, it made me laugh. My paraplegic Fiancee will love the cartoon, cheers, keep them coming.

Chris “Small Boy” Mellins

I LOVE your page!!

Pal “VelvetMyst” Lerma

Love it!! I am in a wheelchair (Quickie GPV) due to having CP and your cartoon regarding the greyhound and greyhound bus was right on! (I have a Service dog) Please send me more! You're better than Callahan (And I love his work too) Thanks for the laugh. I needed that! Ciao.

Kristin “Yentaleh” Clawson



Dude, you should get your cartoon panels printed on t-shirts. I'd buy one. PHAT LOVE and BIG AIR.


Been disABLED 20+ yrs. interested in this subject... found it on the internet!!!

Tim “Mosoto” Burton

To all those people who are pissed because the author of these comics is not disabled... lighten up. I am a dual Paralympian and gold medalist in wheelchair basketball. Not to mention I am an access consultant who works extensively on Australias DDA. No one is an expert at being or having a disability. Anything that can make people laugh at themselves can only help. The world is serious enough for all of us not to have a little piece that is not. I vote one for Leeder. Great work and if anything, maybe he is becoming a little soft.

Nick “Jabba” Morris

This is the funniest wheelchair humor that I have ever seen!!! And I thought that my friends, family, and I were the only ones with the sick sense of crip humor.

Wheelz McCormin

I work for an Independent Living Center in New Hampshire, as an Information and Referral person. Today I was looking up various resources to give to people when they call, as I do from time to time. Then I came across your site and it's WONDERFUL! I was very pleased with your attitude to create this positive website and showing the public that people with disabilities are true people!

Erica Marden

Fantastic what can I say. How very refreshing and positive. We are very impressed with your website and of course the wonderful cartoons. People who have different abilities are often treated unfairly and you seem to conjure up exactly what happens and put it in a humorous way, with out being offensive.

Nigel Hoar

Hey man, I really dug the cartoons definitely got some smiles. Thanks!

Marty “Cheyahead” Anderson

Hi, I'm Ginger. every1 laughs at me. Am I dizabled????


Hello! I just wanted to say that the cartoons on your web page are great. See,... I have Cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair to get around. I have been putting your cartoons on my dorm room door. My roommates love them. I have a lot of great ideas so please let me know if you want to hear them. I also have a great sense of humor about my Cp. My saying is I'm going to have it for the rest of my life so I might as well have fun with it.

Donald MacBay

Neat site. Get tired of dealing with serious s*** every day. Refreshing site. I'll be back.

Greg “Fleck” Fleckenstein

Thanks. Keep it up... You know people used to say doesn't that slow you down?? No. Now I can just do more crazy stuff...


Great strip!

Dana Rhyne

Thanks to WAPD, I'm glad I found a site that can bring a smile to me when I can visit.

Jim Smith, Sr.

Hi Leeder! Been checking out the web for rehab information and I came across your site. I'm always looking for a good laugh. Would love to get your FREE newsletter. Thanks for your attention and keep smiling!


Love the toons.

Char “WallWalker” Conrad

I did the Boston Marathon in April by both pushing and running behind my wheelchair. There was media coverage on my successful completion (in 5 hrs) since I am the first official runner ever to do it this way as far as records have been kept.


I think your tricks are wheely cool!!!!!

Pretty awesome cartoons. In your face type of humor certainly helps to break down barriers that exist for people with disabilities. Keep the pen working...

Gord Bureau

I really like your comic. It has a clever wit that is combined well with the social commentary. An area of improvement could be more issue-based focus in the social commentary Like _________City has less than five ADA compliant structures. Make that city your whipping boy.

Rorscha Chjones

This page is very useful for me and other people that are in a wheelchair. It is helpful for people that have friends who are in wheelchairs. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Polio.

Linda “Lynn” Moser

Thank so much!!!!! It's all good!

Mena “Purple Hhaze”

John, Leeder O. Men is AWESOME! I laughed and enjoyed myself silly. The creativeness you have put into the strip is fantastic. I've been in a chair due to a motocross racing accident when I was 18. I just turned 33, so it's been almost 15 years. After my injury, I went onto college and now work as a tutor. The kids I tutor wonder about the chair and what it's like being in one. I enjoy their wanting to understand and try my best to give them open, honest answers - also a funny anecdote helps them understand. What you are doing is wonderful! Keep up the good work. Again, Wonderful work!

Jim Cowell

Dear Mr. Lytle, I'm a doctor and I work in rehab. Your site is great, keep up the good work and the attitude. Push the boundaries and the constructs that non-thinkers use to limit you. Look after yourself.

Mark Taddros

Go big or go home.

Mike “Mikey B” Rebick

I love the cartoon. We run a youth project for adolescents with special needs - with your permission, I would love to do a color print of Leeder's exploits each week and post him on the wall.

Ric Law

Cool toons dude.

Joe “Sarge” La Rue

I think your strips are great. I am 14 and was just diagnosed with MS. Keep up the great work.

Shannon B.

I'm a 53 yr old L-4 (for 30+yrs) and just found your site today. Good laughs. I have had some good stories over the years. When I come up w/one I'll send them on to you. Now I have one.

Todd “SrSapo” Stewart


Susan Jones

Great humor. It's good to see something this positive on the web.


Great page! I love the humor! It really gets at the lighter side of being disabled and focuses on the good!!!

Heidi “Wheels”

I love the comic! What a fantastic way to educate through humor. Keep up the great work!

Jay “Wheelin”

Hi! I like your website very much. That is wonderful.


Hi John. Are you the same guy that had some art in TWS way back in the 80's? If you are, is there anywhere online I can see those old drawings? Those were awesome, and I've been looking all over for them. Thanks.

Cam Birt

John, Leeder is great! I'm currently designing an off-road wheelchair in the graduate industrial design program at Arizona State U. and ran across your stuff. It brought me great pleasure. I hope the book gets published. Keep up the mind-freeing work! Thanks!

David Meis

Thank you for your work that I saw on wheelchair people I loved it. I hope you also cover the blind, deaf, child cancer people also. Once again, thanks a lot.


A large mad shout 4 the nut who pens the toonz. You make the world smile Live your life like a cartoon and the world will be a most excellent place. So many of us out here do the maddest things on slicks or grips. keep the pen rollin'. wait 4 the film we are goin' to hit U with. All the best things happen when your mind slips away from what's goin' on around you. how can anyone not like your toonz. I really think you should let your mind slip more often.
Its a state of faith in yourself that will take your life into living it like a toon. The sun & moon do their bit each day, so let us all do our bit. It's a real moondanz to see what you can put into a toon, it's all our dreams put onto paper. Which proves we don't dream in black 'n' white. A large feast of I can do that ( or are some of us just about to go out the door and do it now ) from the UK. Say Leeder I was in a club a while back and was told by a floor manager to keep my wheels on the floor! Hell, I had at least one on the floor. Do you see anyone else keepin' their feet on the floor all the time? Good to see so many writings from the viewers u have.

Paul “Mad Brad” Bradbury

You will find out a bit more about me in the volunteers on the DIRC website. Having been 'dizabled' since birth I have always been able to laugh at disability. The epilepsy Association here once had a booklet with a character called 'Seizure Man'. Any jokes, cartoons, etc able to be sent are more than welcome.

Damien “The sword swallower”

Thanks for your website and graphics. I am starting the first support group in the U.S. for Legg-Perthes disease. (A childhood disease primarily in boys where the ball of the hip disintegrates and eventually grows back). I have been trying to develop a website so that parents have a place where they can not only get medical information but can talk to other parents in the same situation. It is so important for parents to have hope and give their kids tons of hope. Your cartoons typify the way our family lived during Petrie casts and wheelchairs. Our son went tobogganing in his double leg casts, was up in his treehouse in his casts, (he got up on top of his bunkbed in his casts by himself!) Wheelchair time was field trip time. We went to the top of the Empire State Building... that's right-with Petrie casts! We had a blast! Childhood should not end because of body casts, wheelchairs, etc. Thanks for helping people see that.

Barbara “Basketcase” Kelly

Wacky and wonderful!

Rebecca “Reb” Lundy

Neat. really neat. Thank You.

Adam Sutch

Recommended reading by a friend. I love the cartoons, I will definitely be back.

Doris Carter

Love the cartoons but perhaps you could put on a function that allows the cartoons to be emailed to friends.

Elena Hand

Dear Friend, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send me an autograph? Also, if it wouldn't be much of a bother, could you please address it to Robert as well? Above, you will find my home address. I find your work to be truly inspiring and enjoyable. To tell you a bit about myself. I am a 34-year-old man born with a birth defect known as Spina Bifida. I am an advocate for the disabled & an International published poet. I am also in the Guinness book of world records for the longest non-stop wheelie in a wheelchair, for which I covered a total distance of 6.178 miles. The reason for my attempt was to help raise money for wheelie chair ramps in my community. See I feel, just because I am disabled, in no way means unable. There is an ability in each and every form of disability. It is my life long ambition to one day prove to the world that time has come for us to begin to look beyond one's crippled shell, for it is only within, that our greatest treasures can then be truly discovered. Well, my friend I most go. Keep up the good work : ).

Robert M. “Bob” Hensel

I saw your website last night, being a disABLED person myself, i was really liking it until i read that you're not a disABLED person... i'm not sure how i feel about a person without any disabilities making cartoons with disABLED characters...... is any of the money you're making from this going to any kind of charity for disABLED people? have you considered maybe having a disABLED person help you out with these comic strips also?


As a disabled American in France it is a shock to find such an interesting comic available.

Howard Bush

Looooove it! You are in the groove without being in the chair. I am going to send this site to all my ADAPT friends. Hey, come to an action! See www.adapt.com and change the world! Name is Mary... Mave's proud Mom. Mave is 19 and profoundly disabled: blind, cp, total care person. But, despite all the labels she attends high school and pickets with ADAPT and has a full life.
thanks for the cartoons!

Mary “MavesMom”

I've called restaurants with or without buffets "drive-thrus" but you hit it well - the drive-thrus are always accessible! - Just don't forget to check the bag and count your change!


Loved your comic strip so much! I have cerebral palsy I'm also a quad. Please keep us laughing!


Hi There, I work as a Peer Support Officer with Spinal Injuries Association (Queensland, Australia)and have just re-discovered your site. I really like your site, it must have taken ages to put together. It is just the thing for my clients to see as they are very new to disability. Even though most of it relates to the USA it is still good for us down under. Regards

Col Mackereth

Hi John, Found you on the "Famous Lytle's" page. I have a "hole in 1 too!" Great Comics! Keep up the good work!

Scott & Craig Lytle

I had a look at your cartoon work recently and found it amusing and inventive. It's especially refreshing to see the positive, pro-adventure attitude.

Sean Lindsay


Jimmy “Nitro” Knight

Very good... it is like my day in my wheelchair, Keep it up!!!

Lional “Wallyeh” Wallington

Pretty entertaining.

Alex Crawf

Great! Roll on... and on... and on!!!

James “JaCo” Cotten

I like that you have on here what to do when you meet someone in a wheelchair. the instruction about not hanging on us or stepping on our chairs or wheels is great I hate when people do that.

Jonathan “Jon” Carver

Very nice!

Bill Martin

Hey bro! Thanks for the latest Leeder. I am glad to see he has grown out his 'fro, and seems to have filled out a bit. He has the jawbone of an NFL linebacker, God bless him. (And to think I remember when he was just a pup being published on a xerox machine.

Scott “Gibby” Gibson RIIP

Great cartoons, some situations I've even dealt with in my life.


I have been in a wheelchair for 3 years due to MS. I loved this site. Thank you.

Shirley Strebbing

I knew Leeder before anyone! (circa 1986- swear to gawd! Ask Jawhn!) Leeder Rules! After all these years, even knowing him in infancy, I still feel as though I have just begun to understand his mission.

Scott “Gibby” Gibson RIP

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your website. I am doing a project on Ableism and wanted to find something to teach my class that people with disabilities don't want pity but to live normal lives (at least that's what I'm getting from all of my research) and I really felt that your cartoons displayed that. I especially liked the one about defacing buildings that aren't up to ADA codes! I hope you don't mind me adding it to my handouts to the class, I think they'll enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any info. you think would be vital! Thanks again for the laugh,

Sarah Kamphaus

As always, you rule.

Scott “PoolPunx” Obradovich


Christidou “Glika_98” Geusi

John, just wanted to let you know I found and enjoyed your cartoons on yer web site. Very nice.

Tom Hays

Cool beans! Anything for girls??

Yellow Dancier

These are really cute, the site is great. I have been disabled most of my life, but kinda/sorta recently in the last 9 years used a wheelchair to get about.

Diana “DD” Morrissette

This rocks. LOL Keep it up!

Chase “Chase Face” Miles

What an incredible way to share my name!!

Dan Leeder

I like your website and your cartoons.

Victoria Shannon

Been checking out the strips for years, love them.

James “Crash” Jones

I just want to comment that I don't think it makes any difference whether you are disabled or not. I am disabled, but I don't resent a non-disabled person working in any way in this field, as long as they are knowledgeable and sensitive about the realities of having a disability. I felt I needed to say this because I read the criticisms that took a different view. I understand the feelings behind those comments, too, but I think we need to take a wider view of life. We are all wounded, one way or another. Compassion and humor are wonderful things, and we must take them, wherever we find them, as the blessings they are. I am surprised that someone who is not disabled would take an interest in creating cartoons about this subject, though. How in the heck did that happen?


A fantastically funny site. It has given me a few ideas. Me and my chair are off for some new adventures!

Rob “Wonder Wheels” Penter

Laffter: the best medicine and teacher, as your site has shown. Keep on leading by example... you are number 1!!!


Love the 'toons. I'm a polio survivor (had it in '57 and made a pretty good recovery). I've been ambulatory for the last 44 years but had to start using a manual chair (Quickie Triumph) about two months ago due to PPS. Just a couple of days after I started using the chair, I was hot-dogging down the sidewalk in the dark and hit a crack. Are you aware that the distance a person lands from the wheelchair is in direct proportion to the speed he's traveling when the chair stops abruptly? Anyway, the next night I ran across (Oops, I said: "ran." Hope that doesn't offend the 'phobes.) your site and the "Cracks Kill" 'toon is now up on the refrigerator. I'm a young, healthy 50 (I just don't walk so good), and I get a real kick out of Leeder. I'm not the least bit offended by the fact that you're not disabled and think the 'phobes need to get a life. Hell, I wouldn't go out and sign up for polio, but things are what they are and in the very short time I've been a wheelchair user I've managed to do some pretty funny stuff. Lighten up, 'phobes, life's too short to take yourself so seriously.

Michael Healer

Hi there. This is the DISC sysop. I really enjoyed your home page with the cartoons. I especially like the tumbling wheelchair.

Charlotte Shepard, DISC

Great cartoons, the scary thing is its the truth.

Doug “Lzrdman”

Very interesting!!!

Jana Long

I really enjoyed reading your comics, I believe everyone should be able to look at them without being offended because it takes a much bigger person to be able to laugh at themselves.

Ashley “Leaf” Wagstaff

Very inventive idea. I love to go through all the cartoons while I'm sittin' in a wheelchair. Your productivity is being spread out fast when I've told many of my wheeling friends in Thailand to visit your site. Yesterday I printed out some of them and gave them to my counterpart, an American lady from Invacare Inc. She bursted a big laugh and asked me for your website also. It's 1:00 am. I'll feed you back later. Bye

Toapong “SuperQuad” Kulkhanchit

It's very funny and interesting!

Jim S.

John, Congrats on your comic. It's very unique in an area that needs attention.

Sean Kirkpatrick



Very Good. I'm from Portugal, and here we haven't anything like this. I mean, radical sports made by Pwd.

Francisco Pereira

I love your sense of humor! Your comics are refreshing and absolutely hysterical. Have you pitched them to newspapers, periodicals, etc? What a great "attitude breaker" your comics would be to the general public. People are always more open-minded about issues relating to people with disabilities when it's related in a positive context. Keep up the great work!!

Carol “Cooz” Cocuzzi

I'm in a wheelchair and I tell u these jokes are really funny but aren't u making us people in wheelchairs.

Hamad Sidique

I think this is just so cool!!!

Sandra “Sandy”

I am a wheelchair user for some 25 years now. I work as a specialist counselor in a Spinal Unit in England. This site is brilliant! Humour is a vital part of my work. If sometimes you can laugh at your situation then there is hope for the future.

Steve McCormack

Great website - very much enjoyed the strips!


You have a great outlook on life, What we are faced with and what we can overcome when we put our thoughts and ideas on paper, what we strive for. Thanks again keep up your good work.

Eugene R. “Uge” Chinino

Like the cartoons. I'm 12 and a speed freak too and like to try everything wild. I like the way it noises up people when they see a wheely kid doing stuff that they think is too risky.

Sean “Speedo” Glass

Like your cartoons... etc.

Kihm “Bigfoot3”

Cool man, greetings from Switzerland.

Claudia “Clazbi” Zbinden

Nice comic about the boxer and the low blows. Reminds me of a Golota. How about hot rod powered wheel-chair racers entering in a lawnmower race against a bunch of Tim Allen wannabes

David “Davey Gravey” Thompson

Hi. I am a parent of a nine-year-old boy with high functioning autism and ADHD and Asperger syndrome.

Debbie Drehmel

Beautiful stuff, Detters.

Gadget “Hatchet” Khan

Tremendous cartoons.


Excellent work. Very imaginative and long needed.

Robert Bennett

I'm paraplegic since 1997, and my accident happened when I was driving since I like races.

Christian “Chris”

I am also disabled. Electric wheelchair.

Shira Leeder

Great drawings, we are doing a new column in a web site called "coached forum". It has to do with every aspect of wheelchair track and road racing. We thought we would contact you and see if you are interested in doing some drawings for our site. If you are please get back to me. Thanks.

Rick Reelie

I work with individuals with Disabilities-am always looking for the "different" aspect... Thanks for the humor!

TerryMae Strausberg

Good to see someone is being positive about this physical shit.

Roy “Icewater” Garcia

I am in the orthotics and prosthetics field and I enjoyed your cartoons. Many of our patients have a sense of humor after they have been physically healed for a while. They are the bravest people that I know.


Thanks a bunch! I love your cartoons! They were wonderful!!!


I am a wheelchair user for some 25 years now. I work as a specialist counselor in a Spinal Unit in England. This site is brilliant! Humour is a vital part of my work. If sometimes you can laugh at your situation then there is hope for the future.

Steve “Mac” McCormack

Thanks for the great strips. I enjoy placing them in my ADA presentations.


Leeder excellent character I guess and boosting does for everybody so guys keep going. life is sometimes beautiful with laughter.


Hilarious stuff! See ya in the funny pages!

Rich Hennon

Cool stuff

Nick “Bubba” Harenberg

DETTERS!! JAWHNN!! I finally found you!! I used to do a zine called THE UNEXPLAINED back in the late 80's (I lived in Alabama at the time). We used to trade. I asked Swank a while back where you were and he pointed me to the Web, so I've been searching since... I'm still zine making. The book is called Front Wheel Drive now, but the subject matter (BMX/Skating/Music) is still pretty much the same. Hope all is well with you. Be in touch and such...

Roy C. Usery

I have been a special education teacher for the last 15 years and I love your web site! Leeder is an inspiration!

Cynthia “Cindy” Boehm

Dear Leeder! :-) I run an NFP PPS (Post-Polio-Syndrome) Site and List-Server (and have for 10 years+) and would like to ask your Permission to rotate your DIZ cartoons on the Site, with a link to your site and Credits, etc. :-) A lot of our folks could USE a Tongue-in-cheek respite from reality!! :-) Keep up the uplifting approach!! G'BlessDear Leeder! :-) I run an NFP PPS (Post-Polio-Syndrome) Site and List-Server (and have for 10 years+) and would like to ask your Permission to rotate your DIZ cartoons on the Site, with a link to your site and Credits, etc. :-) A lot of our folks could USE a Tongue-in-cheek respite from reality!! :-) Keep up the uplifting approach!! G'Bless

Tom “Mac” McKeever

Victims of stroke who no longer has full use of one side of their body

Julianne “Julie” Martyka

John, I really enjoyed your stuff on the web pages. If you have the time to keep up with such messages, please email me when your book is available, I would like it for my 5-year-old. She is still young enough to see a wheelchair as something fun (I'm a doctor and take her sometimes on my nursing home rounds because the old folks get such a kick out of seeing kids and she gets a kick out of joyriding a wheelchair) and I like to keep that attitude in her and keep her from developing a reflex reaction of pity or revulsion when she meets disabled persons. Anyway, if you can't email everyone, I'll check your page from time to time...

John Capps

This is great, just what the Dr. ordered.

Maggie “Mags” Hirst

leederomen.com totally rulez killer! LEEDER O flat out kicks ass! I'm a C 3-4 Quadriplegic and really dig LEEDER O! His style kinda reminds me of myself, except I'm a little more dizABLED. Ten years in a chair, and loving it. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I'm still alive. Keep Kick'n it in high gear.

Ric “Stickster” Sims

I have really enjoyed the cartoons. Keep up the good work for all of those who deal with these problems from day to day.

Carey “Wheels” Partin

Thanks for taking the serious side out of disability. The older I get with my disability, the more I realize the importance of laughing at one's self.

James “Hunsey” Hunsberger

What a great comic. Keep up the good work.

Gregory A. “Greyhart” Winn

I'm in a wheelchair and I appreciate the humor that you bring into it. It all doesn't have to be so gloomy, nice touch.

Bobbie “Suebob” Sue

Cool! I like that Leeder's cartoon.

Peter “DBPowerWCRulez” Malm

First off I want to say I have been a fan of your cartoons for YEARS. I am as you call "able-bodied" and I am a physical education teacher with a master's in Movement Studies in Disability (basically adapted PE)... I also have a physical education website that has quite a bit of information about disabilities/disability sports. The address is http://mikespe.com. The site used to be on Geocities but it eventually grew into its own domain. Keep up the GREAT work!


I really like your strip. I've been a cripple ever since some moron thought it a good idea to broadside me while I was on a motorcycle taking my son to school five years ago. He is o.k. but I can be found in a wheelchair most days. I had my leg broken in 32 pieces and it just won't heal. I like the humor, so keep up the good work and thanks.

Janine “Mom” Velasquez

I have a rare adult-onset neuromuscular disease called spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), popularly known as Kennedy's Disease (KD). Its symptoms are similar to ALS, but more slowly progressive. I have progressed to the stage where I need a wheelchair. I have been using the ones in stores, But now I am not able to get by with a cane, and just got my own wheelchair yesterday. I was searching for wheelchair maintenance and came upon your site. I was always very physically active, and now am a 50-year-old roller. Your cartoons have helped my transition to another stage of my life.

Patrick “Gryphon” Griffin

I just got done reading all of the comics. I thought that they were funny as shit. They were so great. Where in the hell did u come up with this shit?

Bradley “Brad” Koyle

I love it.

Tricia “Trish” Krinn

Great concept! Keep going!

P.M. Kunkle

I teach future teachers in a course called 'Teaching Diverse Populations.' One of the populations we look at is physically disabled students. Our focus is always on the ability, not the disability. I'm sure your comics will help get the point across to my students. Celebrate Diversity!

Rick “Dr B” Blackley

Hi, Congratulations on such brilliant cartoons. Being in a wheelchair myself, I have never laughed so much. Thank you. I am in Australia.

Sue “Suchi”

The page seems very interesting, your theme is very explosive and has potential. I am a skater in Columbia. If you know someone interested in talking with me about the skate scene here I would be stoked. I don't have ideas, but the comic always says something interesting.

Andres “Xaca”

Hi. I just discovered your comics and I also discovered that you have same name as mine!

John T. Lytle

Great cartoons!

Herman “Speedbump”

I have only just come across your website. Being a wheelchair user myself self I find the light-hearted humor thoroughly refreshing. I know people talk about such material causing offense, but I believe it would only do so to those who either have not come to terms with a disability or non-disabled people who do not understand its diversity. I have seen nothing of this sort in the UK. I love reading comics and graphic novels, I also graduated in fine art and for once I can truly relate to the scenarios the character experiences.

Lucy Macdonald

Leeder O, you are out of sight. How about some skydiving or some hang gliding big daddy. LEEEEder OOOOO!!

Michael “Mickey BBBBBBBBB” Bidwell RIP

They were very interesting comics. Moreover, it comes.


Loved every cartoon that I saw. I must show my 10-year-old the cartoons, as he is in a wheelchair!

Lori Smith



Good Job!!! Nice to see humor 'among' us.

Bob “Harpster” Johnson

Go ahead and take a jab at the stupid things that health care providers do, in the name of better servicing those with physical disabilities. I think we need to have our shortcomings pointed out to us, so hopefully we can improve our services.


New to the game para.. was a go-fast freak before the accident and athlete...by far the best sight I have found... I'll be checking on you weekly. I hope to start getting in shape again and maybe try Rugby.

John “Gunny” Schomer

As a disabled young adult and soon to be a special educator, I adore your cartoons and applaud your efforts!

Jaime “Alpha” Lyn Ade

Love it, laughter is the best medicine!

Rick “Stumpy” DeLang

Great Cartoons!

Donna S.

This is a very valuable service and website for world awareness of disABILITY. I am very impressed! Just needs to be exposed to millions each week. Perhaps some of our groups and associations can assist with that.

George “Dr. George K.” Kerford

Pretty good. E-mail me, I need to talk to someone who uses electric wheelchairs, please.

Jason “Hot Rod” Smith

OMG this place is wonderful, I am speechless... I need help please... just starting my site. I have lots of ideas... but not sure how to do them.

Nancy “Brave Indian”

I enjoy the comics. They hit home since I too am apart of the disabled.

Annette Howell

Finally a site on my wavelink. Keep it rollin in!!!!

Jason R. “Wheelz” Brumley

Okay - random site... But quite inspirational for a comedy script I'm writing about people who're confined to wheelchairs. Catch ya later :D

Fahd “Nabu San” Ahmad

Hi! We'd like to be listed on your site! Adaptive Action Sports! We have a team of Skaters including Aaron Fotheringham that ride every year in our Skate jam at the X Games. Plus we do many more Adaptive Skate, Snow and soon to be moto clinics! www.adacs.org Thanks!

Amy “Purdy” Purdy

Hi. come across your site by mistake and am very impressed with what you are doing for the Disabled - I am a Paraplegic for now just over 12 years - I was born with Spina Bifida and walked till I was 16 when they discovered that it was a tumor on my spine, not a birthmark as my parents were lead to believe - I have no grudge about it happing to me - I am actually glad in a way it did - it has made me a much stronger person - I Have a really large group of friends who don't even see the chair, and I am always cracking jokes about my disability and some people take offense to this but hey this is who I am and love it - keep up the great site.

Dale “Legz” Hilliar

Please visit my award-winning web site and let me know what you think of my wheelchairbike.com. Thank you.

William “Chief” Jacobs

Hello from the BA.d.s. Wheelchair Basketball Club (Italy)!

Lylo Moltheni

Wonderful! I love giggling and the cartoons are great for the kids! Oh and even better for the adults!!

Elizabeth “Miss Liz” Treston

Thanks, it really cheers me up!

Kathy “Diswheeler” Baker

I really enjoyed your cartoons. Keep it up.

Peter Mudford

I love the talent and insight of these toons and definitely relate. I wish these would be a regular in the top TAB newspapers and magazines so they just might stop being so clueless. BTW, TAB means Temporarily Able-Bodied, which is anyone until they sprain or break a leg. When things get me down because so much of what the ADA Laws were written to correct to make our every day lives safer and easier, I fantasize that the persons responsible for the situations could be put in one that I control.

Marilynn Bierman

Hilarious, good work.

Harold Penderghost

Excellent cartoon.

David “Ack” Tison

Cool Stuff!!!!!!! Eye opener - keep up the good job.

Navneet “Chef Manchanda” Manchanda

This should definitely be in newspapers around the country. Thanx!

Darin Smith

Great site!! My son is in a wheelchair and humor is how we survive some days.....he will pass this site off to his friends Can we order the T's from Canada? Thanks again. Keep up the fun work!!


Your cartoons are quite exciting, However, we are more interested in Christian oriented cartoons.

Elsie Ifeyinwa Oyudo

Just Marvellous! My friends would love it!

Carlos “Izakus” Abraham

thanks, I needed a good chuckle. Trying to put up with my problems is not easy until we see others worse off than we are. Thank you thank you thank you.... udonngood tanks

Ron “Pastor Ron Chaplain TDCJ” Wells

Very funny and interesting stuff. Keep it up.

Michael and Lorena

I can't find the words to describe your work. The usual ones don't do justice like, fantastic, excellent, intriguing, etc. You seem to have a concept that few have been able to have. I thank the Peter Noone website for directing me to your website. Lots of luck in the future with your most appreciated talent. Thanks,

Debbie J. “Wawa” Walters

I like ur comic strips they made me giggle! Me and my friend NeIl loved the site. lol

Liza “Pizza” McPartridge

This is an excellent site. It's humorous and it gives others with disABILITIES the hope they need... GREAT WORK!!!

Julio Ciamarra

Awesome cartoons dude...cheer me up even on my worst dayz! Keep 'em coming!

Chad “Shorty” McDaniel

That's a great set of cartoons. I sent the link to a few friends of mine in wheelchairs. LOL Keep up the good work.

John McAlinden

I don't think it right what you do because I been in a wheelchair for 5 years.


Dear Leeder, I am a disabled artist and I ran across your site and really liked it. I have a non-profit site that I have just started on the internet named, "The Art Gallery of the Disabled Artists." The URL is http://disabled-artists.com

Cliff “The Bear” Ingham

We all have disabilities, some are just more visible than others. Keep up the good work. disABLED individuals need many different types of advocates. Thanks for filling a niche.

Tom Gray

Great site, I just love those cartoons, a very beautiful way to lighten up one's day.

Batstone “Baty” Pramod

Hi. I appreciate very much your cartoons. I teach in a Portuguese university, a discipline called social integration and rehabilitation, and we are preparing a textbook for students. I would like to know if you can give us permission to use some of your cartoons in our textbook. I will be waiting for an answer. Best regards.

Celeste Simies

I think your strip is GREAT! It is rare for non-disabled people to understand what we disabled go through, and your understanding is perfect.

Barbara “Whizz” Lucas

Great this website!! Greetings from Holland!


Hey John! Not sure if you remember me from the Santa Barbara Days. Congratulations on making Leeder a reality! I remember when you were just talking about that. Where do you live? Do you still play music? Still have that motorcycle. I finally wore out those boots you gave me. Anyway, drop me an e-mail when you get a chance. I kept playing punk rock until my first daughter was born in '96. I became a fire fighter for the County of Los Angeles and live in Ojai, Ca. I hope you write back at some point, I'd love to catch up. Take care,

Kevin Doss

Nice site. I like the subject matter. No one's done anything addressing disabled issues as a comic that I know of before.

Mach “PsychoKitty” Stormrunner

I am trying to gather info about the Leeder history. I have a book of the Leeder's of North America; which I try to keep it updated from my side of the family from Ontario. I know John & Beth Leeder which are on the web. if you have any info it would be a great help. Yours,

Calvin Leeder

I just found your site and had a really good laugh. Thank you.

Daniel “D” Moody

I liked your cartoons! Do you have any graphics or cartoons showing PWDs doing household chores or daily living... like cooking, being a family, doing the laundry?

Thomas Hamlett

Well done.


An inspirational site.

Chris Malone

This site is mad, I love it!!!

Hugh “Nine” Anderson

Great cartoon! I have a student who was in an accident and is now in a wheelchair. She also has a great need for speed! Thanks for giving her someone to identify with!!

Amy “Craftal”

Thanks so much for the humorous strips. I've been looking for some good jokes to post on my door at work. I like to get light-hearted about being an amputee.

Angela “Gii” Cummings

I'll be back to visit again!


Hey, you were at my school today, in Terrace, BC, and you gave me the inspiration to do a lot better in school because I know I'm capable of it, I'm sure you gave a lot of other people inspiration too, no only from my school, but in all of the other schools you have visited and are going to visit in the future, well, congratulations on your past achievements, and keep pushing for your future ones.

Nathan “Nate” Carriere

Thank you so much for your strip and especially your link "Do The Right Thing." You have a lot to offer those who have never been around people with disabilities or are just too afraid to ask questions. Thanks and keep it up!

Allyson Marvin

How about doing one on a Walmart door greeter. I work at Walmart in sporting goods in my chair.

Keith “Phlebo” Brammer

GREAT strip.....keep on truckin'.


Hi! We love Leeder O. Men!

David Donald

I'm not a dare-devil but I love the cartoons. Leeder is cool and so American (to English eyes).

Beverly “Bev” Ashton

Cool site... made me smile. Thanks !

Donna Polman

Hi. Your cartoons are quite funny. We here at Sources in Fayetteville Arkansas advocate for people with disabilities to be able to live independently. We find jobs for our consumers and we train them to be independent. Social Security Benefits specialists are also housed at our home office.

David Crain

Thanks for having a website that shows the bright side of being disabled. It's nice to know that there is a place where I can come to and get a laugh when things get to that point!

Miles R. “Smiley” Murphrey

I'm a c5/c6 cool mother f%cker and so r u my friend.... love your work. it helps knowing other people are sticking their finger up @ the crap life dishes up. Cheers.

Jamie Stuart

Dear John, I am impressed with Leeder O. Your humorous cartoons not only make one laugh, but they also show that there is still life after a wheelchair. Keep up the great work. I will make sure to add your link to our website. It is an inspiration to all citizens with disabilities.

Michael Welch

As a wheelchair user, it is good to see that we can still have a sense of humor!!! The cartoons are great, Keep up the good work!!!!

Sara “Sam” Thomas

I think your website is awesome. Keep it up.


I can relate to Leeder's escapades. Even though I'm not physically disabled, I am a slow person, and I constantly fight my adversity. Have you ever thought of animated Leeder for a PSA on either MTV or VH1? It could happen!

Sanford S. “T. Berry Ford” Williams

More, more, more... super cool!

Jerry “Knucklehead” Mahoney

Hi! I'm a Portuguese studying nurse and I really like your site and cartoons. I think nursing it's very more developed in the US than in Portugal and when I graduate I really want to try to work in a US hospital. Greetings from Portugal!!!

Igor Gloria

Thank you for creating this site it is very uplifting and I think it will do wonders for the kids who see it.

Samuel “Sammy J.” Oldfield

Love them.

Bert Hicks

WOW. Thanx for the 'toons.

Carol “Mom”

Am an abled bodied student doing a project on physically disabled people and am planning to focus on the humor and fun that they can have as well!

Pat Chiappa

Very Cool.

Claire “Red” Coleman

I found out about this website while perusing through Occupational Therapy Now Magazine. It's great to see this information and humor on the world wide web. I will definitely recommend it to my O.T. colleagues.

Roland Castillo

Hello... Dale Hand (cyberoutlaw), my ol' Navy Buddie told me of your sight. I have been CARTOONING since a kid. I'm now 45 and still TOON frequently. I'm a U.S. Merchant Marine and wish you FUTURE SUCCESS... draw on!!!

Marty Gavin

When it becomes harder to get around on crutches, a wheelchair can be a friend in stead of an enemy. I have hated wheelchairs for years.

Rhoda White

Love this site!

Tami Cantar

Your cartoons on this site were very funny. Enjoyed looking at them!

Nita “Coolmomma34” Stansberry

Sweet site

Todd Boyer

Last month we featured your web site as the site of the month. We got a good response. You are now permanently listed in our art and literature page. Keep up the good work! I like it. By the way, our website is one of the most popular disability sites anywhere.

P.A. “Pat” Figueroa

How are you doing? My name is Sarah and I am in the process of starting a website on disability culture. I was wondering if I could use one of your cartoon strips (the one where the man in the wheelchair is helping the older woman) for one section of my website? I will put a link to your website and your name with the cartoon. If this is going to be a problem, please let me know. thank you for your time.

Sarah Evans



I am soooo impressed with your cartoons... I love them! Tell me, where are you from? Do you have other cartoons? Have you gotten them published? I was really laughing at the greyhound bus cartoon... having petitioned them for access... great humor...I am soooo impressed with your cartoons... I love them! Tell me, where are you from? Do you have other cartoons? Have you gotten them published? I was really laughing at the greyhound bus cartoon... having petitioned them for access... great humor...

Mary “Hap”

Entertaining and appreciative.

Kate “Speedie” McDonald

I am in a wheelchair, and just laugh about it, and everyone at school laughs about it, so to see a cartoon about funny moments that I have been through myself, is commendable! Thanks. most people are so serious and this needs to be done!

Emily Neyland

I know you are not disabled, but your humor is appropriate and just simply funny. As a T-4 paraplegic, I don't have a problem saying that. My only sports are hunting and fishing, but hey, you can't have everything (that is if you don't want it..).! Keep it up!"

Tom W, “Bud” Reese Jr

Great site, well done.

Klaus “Klausi” Gerg

Positive inspiration.

Nicole “Coleigh” Trigg

I'm a doctor that works with diabetics and sees more amputations than I'd care to. Any support site I, and they, can access would be a big help. I've tried to start a support group in Salem, Oregon, but really don't know where, or how, to begin. Any ideas?

Daniel J. Campbell

Came across your web page while surfing the net. I have used a wheelchair over a half-century. During the 70s I was an advocate for disabled rights and access. I once created a cartoon strip with disabled characters for a publication. It was a little too Avante Garde for the time. However, I received many favorable comments.

Martin J. “Bardak” Weideman

Don't forget about the 7-11 worker because he has. He has a knife duct-taped to the middle of his back. He will pull it at any time so my advice to you is to watch yer ass around the 7-11 workers.

Fred “Fig” Conrad

Plan to share this site with my son, Brian he's gonna love the comics.

Karen “Mom” Nay

I searched for my own name and there I was. I am not a wheelchair warrior. Grateful for what skills I do possess. I work with the HIV/AIDS infected and affected. Your site is a meaningful source of inspiration to me. To be HIV+ and mobility-impaired is something I see way too often. The strengths I see around me keep Ira centered. Keep up your blessed work. I shall be a constant visitor.

Ira Leeder

Enjoy the strip. Leeder is great... I've been in a wheelchair for 21 yrs.

Steven Jeter

Fantastic site. You have brought humor to an area which usually derives controversy, and which people would usually take offense to. Tell me, is it all spontaneous or does it require a lot of thought?

Drew “Floppy” Peacock

I am a wheelchair user myself (cerebral palsy), and have been since birth. I like Leeder. I have read your Leeder O. Phobes page and all I can suggest is that they lighten up a bit. I found the cartoons very humorous.

Mark “Fugly” Horton

I love this web site. I know all about disabilities ADHD depression (manic) seizures, water on the brain. I'm always looking for information on any of these disabilities.

Linda “Chatty Mom” Weeks

WOW!! Love your toons, I can see myself in too many of them!

Peter Anderson

FIrst time I've seen you, I joined immediately. I'm a 73-year-old L2-L3 para with a decompression laminectomy that goes down to S-1. I imagine that like most of us I feel lonely, it's nice to have company and not on the theme of, 'misery loves company,' as most wheelchair occupants I have met, at least those who were compis mentis, are fun to be with. Thanks for your site.

Bob Aitken

A brief peek says we like this site and appreciate it: ) there r 2 of us, thus melted; mel and wife Ted(ra) mel the wheeler-dealer here lol.

Mel Deats

Friggin awesome man.

Quinn “GimpPimp” Golling

I think your site is awesome... I am an adapted physical educator/consultant and I alway try to use humor when teaching students with disabilities... I think it is the BEST teaching strategy!

Michael Rogala

Great comics... thanks. I'm a rehab tech.

Chris McMaster

I love your cartoons. They are right on. I have only been in a wheelchair for about two years.

Ernie Richardson

I love the cartoons.

Cathy Lysack

A most refreshing sense of humor.


John, just noticed your great work. If you have any books, etc., please send me ordering information. I follow disability culture things and am most interested in your work. Many thanks.

Ron Blosser

Hello, I am a student at the University of Northeastern Louisiana and I ran across your web site while searching for information on disabled sports opportunities. I am an occupational therapy major and I would just like to say that what you are doing is great. I would also like to know if you would be interested in sharing your experience of working with the disabled with me.

Terra Fuller

What I saw was for people mobility challenged. I am too but not in a wheelchair. I live in constant severe pain and have problems with people who do not consider those of us like me NOT DISABLED. Where is a site for people like me? I saw this site and thought it might be but it isn't. At least I did not find it so if it is there where would I look. I was in an accident and had ruptured discs in my neck. Had cervical fusion. Two weeks later going to neurosurgeon hit head-on by vehicle traveling a high rate of speed passing 8 vehicles in no passing lane. I have been disabled since and b/c I do not look disabled I am treated very rudely. I am thankful I can walk even if not like before the accident but had major lumbar injuries with total laminectomy L3-S2 and ligaments, nerves, tendons, muscles damaged severely and lung damage which continues today 18 years later. Lost my ability to work. Later lost my spouse to cancer. What is there in life for people like me. Old friends did not stick around. Hard to meet new people. Live where Hurricane Katrina hit and not much to do for people like me ... would like to move to another area of the country but cannot but think a big city would be better and offer more opportunities. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

Rhona Davis

G'day mate, well done. I've been trying to get people to see the lighter side of being disabled, but I think your strip does it perfectly.

Matthew “Matty” Brumby

I love the cartoons. Some people, including my doctors, look very uncomfortable when I make jokes about being in a wheelchair.

Jo Ann

I think this is a really great site. I'd like to have a link exchange with your site. Really nice, especially the first part. Go on!

Peppe “Kekko”

Everyone needs to smile. Nice cartoons, i'll be back to check out your new ones. Keep up the great work.

Don & Geri “Imzqt4u” Meyer

Cool site... lots of laughs!

Michael “Cruz” Cooley

We have an International Club of people in wheelchairs and we're looking for all the information about paraplegics and SCI. We work with some artists and we are trying to Play basketball and Tennis. Do you have Posters, pictures or films of other people in wheelchairs?

CL Smith

Good stuff! It would b really really cool if U had a chat room or something for wheelies to meet. I haven't met any on the net and I'm sure lots of people would like to meet others in similar circumstances. Rock...er...roll on!

Kye “ZodiaK”

My name is Chris Hardin and I was injured in an automobile accident in '99. I am paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair (paraplegic) with all my upper strength. I am forming an organization of dizabled people in the Southeast so that as a dizabled person we can continue our outdoor activities. These activities will include everything from skydiving to scuba diving, snow skiing (Mono)and everything in between.. If you know anyone dizabled and looking to continue their outdoor life, direct them to my sight. I am open to any questions, suggestions, comments or ideas.

Your cartoons are really funny. I really enjoyed reading them a lot. You really are talented. I look forward to seeing future cartoons.

Angel “Tiger”

As a wheelie, I think that your strips should carry a health warning. I giggled so much that i gave myself a stitch.

Tina “roleon8wheels” Heron

Really enjoyed your site and cartoon. I suffer from severe depression and am a cartoonist (part of a team) and really like seeing other people with
disabilities do so well. Keep up the good work.

Rick London

Great site.

Gerry “Shifter” Milton

I love the classroom modification comic! I know a lot of students who will be clicking on your site for this one!

Mary “HAP”

This site rocks. I know some people would find this offensive, but I think it's hilarious and I've been in a chair since I was 7. It's no different from when people poke fun at different races/nationalities. Just cuz we are in a chair doesn't mean we don't have a sense of humor. Keep up the good work. : )

Lizzy Ottolino

Great cartoons!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Chris “Kerr”

I too would like to see posters of some of your work. Kids in schools would love them!

Judy “Wags” Leahy

I applaud your sense of decency. Too many Americans think that if you change the name of the condition, you somehow change the condition. Calling a disabled person "differently-abled" is an insult to my sensibilities. You should read the book, "The Millionaire's Secrets" by Mark Fisher. It is a work of fiction that chronicles the trials of a young businessman who finds himself suddenly paralyzed from the waist down, and becomes immensely successful because his disability forces his mind to grow beyond that of which it would have otherwise been capable. It's a good read.

John “Andromida” Poling

Hello! I'm a 23 years old girl living in Sweden. I have had a spinal cord injury since I was born. I'm only writing to tell you that I loved your cartoons. Both the pictures and the text were very funny.

Linnea Forssell

Really enjoyed meeting Leeder. My daughter is dizABLED. Thanks for providing a lighter side to the situation. Good luck with the book. You can bet I'll be watching for it! I know she'll enjoy it!!! Sincerely,

Al Kandziorski

My whole family loved your site! : )

Larry “Braindead” Graves

Your cartoons would brighten the day of some of my homebound buddies. Thanks.

Linda Buff

Good stuff,... reminds me of my younger days.

Jim Parker

I hope you find someone to translate from French)Bonjour, un mot pour vous dire que votre travail est formidable. Ça fait du bien de pouvoir enfin traiter des problèmes d'handicap avec un brin d'humour, continuez et merci!

Manon Payeur

I will be very pleased if a have some news from you!!!!

Sergio “Termo” Expert

I love your cartoon. I don't care if you're in a wheelchair or not. I like the fact that you made a superhero who is different. Thank you and keep up the great work. A sense of humor is a powerful tool that can change the world.

Jim Bicknell

Found and luv this site... and to know I am not the only disabled person.

Thomas “frybread” Welch

I loved the cartoon making fun of the PGA Tour's attitudes. What a bunch of phonies; after all, everyone gets a handicap when they play golf. Keep satirizing those bigoted bozos who attack our basic rights to intermingle freely in society. You've got the style to make a clear point in a classy manner. Kill 'em with humor!

Mike Collins

This is really a great site. The cartoon of you using a walker up Mount Everest reminds me of my foolish attempt to roller skate using my cuff crutches. Needless to say, I wasn't up long. A walker would probably have worked better. I was so tired of not being able to do the things I used to. Now I just chuckle at the attempt. Bet you could make some really funny cartoons depicting that.


Just checking out all of the sites with my last name. Great comic strips!

Jonathan Leeder

Wacky and wonderful! Stay Young, Keep Your Wheels In Motion...

Quips From The Crips “Yellow Bandit”

Hi John, I have been here many times. But I wanted to pop in to say you play a good guitar. Just listened to "Small Craft Advisory" and it was great. Keep it up.

John “John Kay” Kozakiewicz

Heck of a website. Thanks to Capt. Cursor. Drive Missions of Mercy for "elderly" and infirm... unfortunately I'm too old to lift a chair, but handle amputees as well. Laughter makes everything better!!!

I love this site I go here all the time.

David “Mouse” M.

Your cartoons are very amusing. I like your fun attitude toward being disabled. It's important to be able to have a sense of humor.

Lynda Appell

I'll be back...

Juanita “Clyde” Reed

Great cartoons! I publish the newsletter for the Wildrose Polio Support Group here in Edmonton. Is it possible to use cartoons from time to time to make a point or provide some comic relief?

Bernie Hornung

Ii was in the middle of starting my self-advocates group in eulles just need to recite voulter and advioer to finish it get it going to get the thing in gear.

Kathy “Angel” Ramey

Love the comics! Good to see a positive outlook. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer “Skid” Jordan

I really enjoy your cartoons. Also--want to let you know I'm working with a kid in a chair who got that way due to horrific paternal child abuse. He has only "laughed" in a cynical non-humourous way and has found little to be joyful about. He has a severe brain injury, with motoric impairment, but can surf the net and play video games. I look forward to sharing your website with him...you may very well be a God-send.

Jeanne LeBlanc

I am a disabled young guy. who is in a wheelchair due to an accident and now have a nuero-muscular problem. where I can feel my legs and even move them at times I just can not stand or walk. and am all the time referred to as that crippled boy. gets old hearing that. What I have seen on your site is great. I enjoyed the comic, and info on helping people understand we are every day normal guys and girls, and if we are in a chair we can go ourselves. I hate it when people push me around. But if I needed the help I'd ask. I also like how you did your site name. I have always said, I hate the word disabled, we are very Able, We just do things a little differently. ~smiles~ Keep up the good work and great site. thanks,

River “Rj” Jordan

Thank you for lifting me up. I have neuropathy in both legs and feet. The pain is getting too much I and now looking for my first wheelchair. I am going into this blind. I am 42 and scared to death, all the different kinds of chairs... it's a lot to take in. You know, it is funny... I was the fastest two-mile runner in high school and in the Army units I was in. I would ride my bike in LA, 100 miles... easy. Now I can hardly walk. Sorry for dropping this on you all. Thank you!!

Phil “Neu” Neuhauser

I am fifteen years old and have spina bifida. I find your cartoons hilarious.

Laura “Lorbsey Dorbsey Donkers” Welsh

Nice graphics and funny too.

Steve Schraibman

Well, I got hit by a car while riding a ten-speed bicycle and I wasn't wearing a helmet I woke up in a hospital nine months later and spent four years in a nursing home. I met an aid we became friends and I now live in a house in Port Angeles.WA. I go to college and am trying or should I say getting off SSI. I'm paralyzed on my entire left side but otherwise, get around fine there are no limitations for me.

Thomas “bluerabbit” Eads

YO man I love this site. yo hollar at ur boy!

Tim “PIMP PIMPY MAN” Talltins

Nice. I enjoy going to the site as a comic break and have put a link to the site from our web site.


Dear Lytle, I'm a doctor and I work in rehab. Your site is great, keep up the good work and the attitude. Push the boundaries and the constructs that non-thinkers use to limit you. Look after yourself.

Mark “Tads” Tadros

Love the comics :D


Great strip, thanks for the laughs.

Deena Larsen

I am in a wheelchair and I loved the cartoons Great work and they're funny.

Mellisa “Mel”

Absolutely awesome cartoons! This is the first time I've visited your website, and I think you've really nailed how we feel sometimes. Hope to see more 'toons very soon!!

Dave “Road Rage” Rog

I love your ideas!!!!!!! Give your wheelchair guy a deaf companion!!

Stanelle “Amish Woman” Yodere

Hey Detters, this is "Rad Leather" man here found this link and thought I'd better say "hello"... Saw Gadget the other day... everyone is doing well... looks like you are too... all my best to you!

David “Dogman” Lovelace

I lost my left leg above the knee from a left turner while riding a Harley that I bought 7 days before... in Alaska of all places... it will not stop me from doing the things I love to do.

David “Dave's Not Here” Palmer

I love this site. It's great for myself and other people confined to a wheelchair.

Kathleen Moroney

Thank you so much for providing Images of disabled adolescents...we lost our 15-year-old daughter last year, and have been searching for images for a homepage in her honor. Your archive images, especially sunset, fishing, and into were a perfect way for us to express what her life was like. Thank you so very much!!! It meant so much to find the perfect images...

Pam “msedukator” Lowe

Your attitude ROCKS!! I have been in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years now from a motorcycle wreck lost my left leg near the hip, hence my nickname of Stumpy. I am on the Advisory Committee for Persons With disabilities where I work The CHP, and I would like to ask permission to use parts of your article on meeting a person in a wheelchair in our department newsletter.

Chris “Stumpy” Cook

Love your website, the cartoons are hilarious. A sense of humor is definitely a great thing to have! I'm in Chatham Ontario.v

Rachel “Green_Eyed_Miss”

Laughter is the best way to deal with life and KD.

Ted Abbott

Hello from France. Thanks for yr marvelous site. I knew for long through Faire Face, the monthly magazine of APF i.e Association des Parayss de France ( French national association for the disabled). As a member of APF, we push that year on free access everywhere. The law is not respected to allow free access for people in wheelchairs even in official government buildings. Life becomes very hard. But systematically we sue injustice like 4 of our friends who sued SNCF - the national train company - for having being forced to travel in a luggage wagon. We get positive action. Go ahead Leeder!!

Alain Gedin


Lovey K.

Great website, loads of links. I am searching for an old friend from California; his name is Nick Zirpolo and he used to work for Stanford University. Can you find him for me? Also, I will recommend your site to my best friend Ms. Hita who leads a pretty interesting life in her wheelchair in Hong Kong.

Philine Bracht

Hi! I wanted to say I really like your website. I am using a wheelchair and it is very helpful. I have cerebral palsy and also I am deaf. I go to Johnson County Community College. I am always involved with theatre and a lot of students really think I can't do theatre, so I've been on stage for many roles.

Lorie “Drama” Sparks

Northwest Wheelchair basketball rules!!!

Dan “Dano”

I think these cartoons are awesome, there are a lot of funny ones,... none of them are bad.

Eddie Rickards

Just found this site John... not only are you a talented webmaster but a terrific artist too. Thanks for portraying disability in a medium we can all relate to.

Alice Mehlenbacher

Love the cartoons! I've been stuck in wheelchair or bedridden for going on a decade now, and I design disability-relevant t-shirts but they're nothing on this!!

Ricky Buchanan


Donnavie Kohl

A friend sent me the address after she found it. Great 'toons! Keep up the good work!

Brian “B”

Glad to see more people like me who have retained their sense of humor is a part of their lives that could have been tragic... am a recent DAK and would not have healed as quick if it had not been for my good attitude and support from family and friends. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for being out there for all of us!

Vince Bonura

We love your cartoon strips!

Barry Morris

Awesome stuff! Plenty of good laughs. Thanks a lot.

Gerard Ahfook

Great stuff! Glad i dropped in.


I loved your greyhound and Casey Martin Cartoons. They're the greatest!

Ann “Webby” Barnhartf

I like it very much.

Henry “Chow” Minn

Great website. Please, can we have more? Thank you.

Keith Bowers

Don't really have a comment other than Hi... May God bless you.

Sam “Sammy” Howell

I think the site is funny. It's great whether you are in a wheelchair or not and for those who oppose it, Your parking tag should be revoked. You bring up some good points too.

Joey Kosma

It's been a spell since I laughed out.

Dave “Climber”

Thank God for you!