Leeder O. Men

Johnny Lytle

Johnny Lytle

The concept of Leeder O. Men was born in 1985 while I was a teacher’s assistant at an adaptive weight training class at Santa Barbara City College. When I started to lift grown men with their wheelchairs buckled to their bodies up to the chin-up bar for fifty pull-ups, I became irreversibly involved. Leeder’s first stunt emerged in my sketchbook shortly after.

I published Leeder’s early antics in my own skateboard zine called Naughty Nomads where Leeder acquired a small, yet cult following. This underground skateboard zine trading phenomena of the late 80s and early 90s were the perfect venue to explore Leeder’s potential and many NN followers have since rediscovered Leeder in vivid color right here. This also paved the way for his inevitable return when he reappeared in ’94 with stronger wheels and a web site.

With the ultimate arrival of Aaron Fotheringham and friends, a non-fictional level of achievement was realized and it is very exciting to see Leeder’s forecast becoming a living, breathing reality through the amazing introduction of WCMX.

I am extremely proud and honored to have grandfathered this new sport, even if it was only in spirit and on paper. I always felt that the time would come when certain individuals would alternatively love their wheelchairs and view the possibilities with a go for it attitude and skater/biker viewpoint.

—Johnny Lytle